The Benefits of Burlap Jewelry Displays

Shopping for a new jewelry display tool? This unique and versatile cloth will win you over.

Burlap Jewelry Display 19-Piece Set
Burlap Jewelry Display 19-Piece Set*

Looking for a new jewelry display set for your store or personal collection? Make your jewelry pieces stand out with an earthy, natural vibe with burlap jewelry displays.

Here are a few reasons why we think this unique fabric deserves a spot or two in your jewelry shop and home.

It’s an eco-friendly option

Every effort to minimize waste is a good move in our humble opinion. Thankfully, burlap is one such option that lets you do that. It’s made out of natural fabric that’s 100% biodegradable, so you wouldn’t have to worry about producing additional damage to our ecosystem. With burlap jewelry displays, you can say goodbye to wasteful consumption.

Deluxe Burlap Necklace Box
Deluxe Burlap Necklace Box*

It’s stylish and versatile

Whether your aesthetic is nature-inspired, boho, or glam, burlap jewelry displays have got you covered. They have a flexible look that suits any jewelry style, so it’ll match your collection whether they’re chunky pieces or the girly and dainty-type of jewelry.

They also come in various shapes and sizes. From T-bars to easels, ring risers and storage boxes (like the one shown above), you are sure to find the one your heart desires when you visit our site today.

It’s simple and elegant

If you are a shop owner and you’ve been looking for ways to increase sales for your jewelry store, you won’t go wrong if you choose a burlap jewelry display for your merchandise. The fabric’s neutral shade that comes in earth tones is sure to make any piece of jewelry pop, making it a great business investment.

Burlap Linen Ring Display with Square Base Stand
Burlap Linen Ring Display with Square Base Stand*

It’s useful and practical

As a jewelry business and/or collector, you would want your choice of jewelry display tools to remain free from dirt or imprints. With its coarse texture, burlap is a natural fabric that is set to withstand rough handling. Originally used as material for sacks to carry rice and sugar, burlap is low-maintenance and doesn’t retain fingerprint marks. This makes jewelry displays that are made in this fabric a wise buy.

*Available on the Nile Corp website.


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