4 Ways to Untangle Your Necklaces

Some solutions for this jewelry storage headache.

Beaded necklaces hanging on display.

Ask any avid jewelry collector about some drawbacks to owning them and they’d probably tell you the same thing: separating them when they all get tangled up. Once you’ve reached a substantial amount in your collection you’d surely find yourself dealing with the same issue.

We wouldn’t want you to get frustrated over this. In this article, learn new tricks to help you manage this problem and find out how you could make the best use of your necklace display and storage tools to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

A tiny pin may just save your day

Simply slip the pin at the center of the knot then carefully use it to pull away the chains on top of one another. Try not to tug on the chain too hard to avoid breaking the links. You may also try out different-sized pins to see which one is suited for your necklaces.

Wooden Jewelry Display Bust with Easel for 3 Necklaces - Oak
Wooden Jewelry Display Bust with Easel for 3 Necklaces - Oak

Use your necklace display and storage tools accordingly

While our product offerings have different styles and functions, they are assigned to suit the different types of jewelry our buyers may have in their collections. That means you have to use your chosen jewelry display set for what they are intended for. In this example, the photo shows a wooden necklace displayer fit to carry three necklaces. We recommend that you only stick to three necklaces when you use this bust to avoid overloading it with jewelry pieces making them prone to tangling up. Make sure to adjust the necklaces if you will be placing them in this bust to avoid them overlapping and getting tangled up on one another.

Baby oil and powder are your friends

But what if your necklaces or bracelets still get tangled while hanging on your jewelry display stand? You can use baby oil to loosen them up enough that they can easily slide off each other. Gently massage the tangled chains to slowly untie them. Once that happens, you can easily wash off the baby oil residue with warm water and mild soap.

Another household item you can use is baby powder. Simply sprinkle the knot with these baby bathing essential and see your jewelry get unlaced. Same with oil, simply clean off your jewelry with water and soap.

Pick storage tools with compartments

Stay organized and knot-free with jewelry boxes and trays with compartments. You just have to make sure to place one piece per compartment to avoid creating a knotted mess with your valuables.

Have a look at our merchandise today to see your options!


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