Jewelry Storage Tips for Oversized Earrings

When it’s time to put away your big and bold earrings, here’s how you should do it.

Laughing woman with headscarf and oversized earrings.

When it comes to making a statement while wearing jewelry, nothing beats oversized earrings. They’re eye-catchers in the best way so you better hold on to them for years to come. One of the things you could do to make sure they last long are to store them properly once you’re done wearing them. Don’t think that finding earring display and storage devices would be hard given their size. Let this article give you the right options for your earring collection.

Drawers and compartments are your best friends

Keep your precious collection away from dust and prying eyes by tucking them away inside drawers. To keep them sorted and easy to find, compartments are a must. Place them inside your chosen drawer and use it to store your earrings. Make sure to pick ones with bigger than usual spaces to accommodate your oversized earrings.

Stylish woman wearing a pair of shades, large earrings, and a red blouse.

Group together similar shades

Another way to make it easy for you to find your earrings is to group them according to colors. This is especially helpful for those who dress base on their moods and use different hues to reflect their emotions for the day. You can choose to do these color match-ups with other jewelry pieces in your collection so you can create sets that would help you pick out jewelry when dressing up so much faster.

Make sure your chosen storage and display tool is appropriate for the size of your earrings

Oversized earrings, just like other big jewelry pieces require tools that are able to hold their weight and size. Look for sturdy holders with thicker material so you can be sure it won’t topple over when you start putting your large-sized jewelry items.

Choose your tool’s material wisely

Speaking of looking for sturdy holders, make sure your chosen tool’s material won’t easily wear out while carrying your earrings. While dainty jewelry pieces are fine with delicate fabrics like velvet or silk, you may want to look for something tougher like metal earring display holders as they will be more able to contain heavier pieces.

Look for decorative dishes for your everyday earrings

Sometimes there are pieces that have become staples of your wardrobe and these are the ones that you would like to be always within your reach. What you can do is to have a pretty but sturdy dish placed where you can easily see it and have it contain your favorite earrings. Have it match the looks of your room so that it won’t just serve as a jewelry storage device, but also as a decorative piece for your abode.


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