Unique Jewelry Display Tools You Haven't Tried Yet

Give a little bit of character to your home and store’s jewelry collection with these display tools.

A pair of gold earrings and bracelets on top of a mirror.

Beyond their functions as jewelry holders, jewelry display tools can also serve as decorative pieces meant to reflect the owner’s personality. With so many types and selections to choose from our collection, you are sure to find the perfect tools to match your aesthetic.

Of course, there are the more traditional ones, but if you’re after something unusual and quirky then we have those too.

#NC-1021 Collapsible Cone Shaped Jewelry Display*

#NC-1021 Collapsible Cone Shaped Jewelry Display

“Versatility” is the name of the game for this particular piece. Perfect for home, store, and travel use, this jewelry display is lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble. No tools are needed as the cone easily snaps into place. Made out of elegant black velvet and white leatherette material, this collapsible cone stand gives off an elegant and sophisticated vibe making it the right choice for your precious jewelry collection.

#RD4324G Foam Toe Ring Display*

#RD4324G Foam Toe Ring Display

After a whole day of wearing your toe rings wouldn’t you like to come home and leave them resting on a yellow foot made of foam? This is definitely meant for people who don’t necessarily take themselves too seriously as it can certainly liven up any tabletop you use it on. Good news also to people who own a big collection of toe rings as this can hold 24 pieces all at the same time.

#COP3703 Figurine T-bar Jewelry Holder Display*

#COP3703 Figurine T-bar Jewelry Holder Display

Now this one can stand on its own as an interesting display piece on any mantle or shelf. The pink and green colors definitely give off a very soft, feminine vibe, making it suitable as an accessory for any girly girl’s bedroom. But let’s not forget about its true function which is to hold dangling jewelry and prevent them from getting tangled up. You should definitely leave a space for it if it fits in with your style.

#NDF9048 Mini Doll Jewelry Display*

#NDF9048 Mini Doll Jewelry Display

Reminiscent of flapper dresses from the 1920s, this tiny mannequin has six hooks for dangling types of jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, and chandelier earrings. It also makes for an interesting key holder or you can leave it as is depending on your preference. Plus, it comes in different colors too.

#MT3-320 Textured Metal Necklace Display Bust*

#MT3-320 Textured Metal Necklace Display Bust

Mimicking the look of aged wood, this metal piece offers an interesting look to any area it is placed. It provides an earthy, back-to-nature look that is perfect for big and tribal-inspired jewelry pieces. Unique, elegant, and bold – this is the perfect jewelry display tool for those with an affinity for textures and wild, jungle-inspired styles.

*Available on the Nile Corp website.


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