How to Prevent an Ear Piercing Infection

The necessary steps to take to keep your new piercing clean and problem-free.

Close up of an ear pierced with a dangling earring.

We’ve recently talked about ear piercings and perhaps our article might have encouraged you to get one (or a few) of your own. Though they are a common practice, having a piercing anywhere on your body requires discipline and aftercare. By doing so any piercee can heal better and avoid infection.

Before going ahead with your procedure or filling up your earring display sets with new jewelry to use for your piercings, better read this article first.

Before the procedure

Make sure it is actually what you want to do. - Don’t do it because it’s the popular thing to do. Do your research before making your mind up whether to get a piercing or not. Learn what the procedure entails, the pain level you may experience, and the healing experience afterward. Do your due diligence by doing your research beforehand...which you are already doing right now so you are on the right track!

Look for a reputable piercing shop. - Piercing shops (usually operating side by side with tattoo parlors) may look intimidating but they are actually the best places to have your piercing done. Staff in those shops are properly trained and have health protocols that they follow in order to get their licenses to operate. If you don’t know where to start, better ask people you trust for their recommendations before going for the procedure.

A close up of a woman with her eyes closed and wearing facial piercings.

After the procedure

Remember to clean the piercing site every day. - Do it twice a day using soap and water, or if that’s not possible, you may also use a cotton pad dipped in alcohol. In order for you to remember this, you can do your piercing cleaning while doing your regular hygiene habits (while washing your face, brushing the teeth, etc.).

Keep your hands off the pierced area. - Your hands could harbor germs so avoid touching your piercing site except during cleaning. Don’t forget to disinfect your hands before and after the procedure.

Apply petroleum jelly. - This prevents scabbing and bacteria from invading the pierced area.

Be careful not to get creams near the pierced area. - This includes hair products like shampoo, gel, conditioner, hairspray, or items used for the body like lotion as they may cause irritation.

Observe and look out for unusual signs. - If the redness or swelling persists for a few days, or you’ve seen discharge, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a doctor right away.

Yes, we here at Nile Corp aren’t just ready to provide you with the right jewelry display and storage tools, we are also here to give helpful advice on how you should take care of your piercings as well as your jewelry collection! Watch this space for more practical tips and don’t forget to visit our store to see our latest offerings.


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