Visual Merchandising Tips for Jewelry Stores

Find out how you can capture your customers in this article.

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Are there techniques for getting shoppers’ attention? Beyond placing ads online and offline, as well as holding sales and demos, one of the biggest factors that determine shopping behavior is visual merchandising. Visual merchandising is simply the practice in retail which involves designing a store’s space to maximize sales. You can say that there is an art to it as several techniques are applied to showcase merchandise in the most attractive way possible.

Now not all visual merchandising techniques are applicable to all industries. Of course, here at the Nile Corp blog, we will be focusing on jewelry display strategies. Read on to find out more about this subject.

Always be mindful of balance

Be careful not to pile on too many jewelry displays tools and actual jewelry pieces in display sets. Make sure there is just enough number of items displayed per group set up to avoid cluttering. Likewise, a display that’s too bare wouldn’t also be effective, so take the time also to plan out arrangements as simply putting them side by side or on top of one another just won’t do.

Thematic displays

It helps to have a reference when designing your store’s visual merchandising plan, so why not have monthly themes to serve as your guide? You can elect to follow a particular theme or aesthetic to run for a month or two and use it as a basis for decorating your store.

Champagne Pink Jewelry Display 9-Piece Set
Champagne Pink Jewelry Display 9-Piece Set*

Have several centerpieces around your store

One way to generate interest in your merchandise is to have several statement pieces around your store. It depends on you what those items should be but make sure they are exceptional and would definitely attract the public’s attention. Again, you may base it around themed collections where items of a similar nature can be grouped together to create display sets.

Always keep an updated inventory

Make sure customers have always something new to look forward to whenever they step foot inside your store. It’s best to always have a constant stream of new designs to sell, or if that’s not possible, learn how to rotate your merchandise so they would always look fresh. Remember our advice about having themes for seasonal or monthly displays? That’s one way to freshen up your store’s look and attract shoppers.

Keep your tools neat and in tip-top shape

Make sure there are no frayed edges or dull metals amongst the tools your using. No matter how pretty or elegant the pieces you may be selling, you may find yourself turning off potential customers if the tools you’re using are not in pristine condition. Perhaps it’s time for you to come visit our store and shop for new display tools.

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