How to Increase Engagement for Your Online Jewelry Store

Use these techniques and find success on the web.

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Beyond securing your domain name, getting a reliable host, and making sure your website has content, what else must be done to make sure your online business succeeds? You must know how to capture your target audience. With more people now doing their shopping online, knowing these tips and tricks is a must for every entrepreneur.

Make each page informative without piling on too many details

Right from the get-go, your homepage should be able to tell your target audience what your shop’s all about. Ditch the mysterious approach as it might cost you a few visitors. Make it clear that you sell jewelry through words and photos.

When putting information on your website make sure it answers these questions that potential shoppers may ask when visiting an e-commerce site:

  1. “What kind of items are they selling?
  2. “Do I need the items they’re selling?”
  3. “What are my options?”
  4. “How much do the items cost”?
  5. “How can I pay for my purchases?”

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Use hi-res original product photos to attract shoppers

Your choice of product photos dictates whether you can make a sale or not. Remember that your aim is to entice people to make them want to buy from you, so grainy pictures just won’t cut it. Because you’re selling jewelry, make sure your product photos are able to show them in all their glory. Show different angles so that potential buyers can see every inch and corner of a jewelry piece. If you will be using jewelry display stands and holders, make sure to pick the ones that are appropriate for the type of jewelry you are selling. Likewise, even if you are only using them to display your merchandise, it is important that your tools are also in their best conditions so that the overall result would look pleasing in photos. You may even go for a full photoshoot with models, backdrops, and props to help sell your wares.

Make user interface a priority

User interface or UI is the design and navigational system that users interact with whenever they visit a website.

As an e-commerce website, this is a must. You need to make it easy for potential customers to navigate your website, or else they would look elsewhere. Going back to the first point of this piece, your pages must be able to answer the customer’s questions. Crucial elements that help in the buying process are (aside from product photos) product descriptions, call-to-actions, reviews, price tags, and navigational buttons.

Don’t forget to optimize your site for mobile use

Making it possible for your customers to do their shopping anytime, anywhere is another way to retain them and attract new ones. You can do that with a mobile-optimized website. Different screens would require different image specs and navigational layout demands, so take the time to optimize your online shop for mobile use.

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