Couples Jewelry Ideas and Shopping Guide

New and long-time couples will equally find helpful jewelry shopping tips in this piece.

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One of the best ways to show your love to one another is through jewelry. Because a piece of jewelry is made up of precious stones and elements, it makes for a thoughtful and romantic gift to symbolize a couple’s love for one another. Now shopping for one may seem daunting especially if this is your first time to do.

Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Couples jewelry come in many different styles:

Matching Bracelets

This is a simple and subtle way of showing your commitment to your partner. You can choose to go for a chain link-style bracelet in gold or silver, depending on you and your partner’s preferences. You can also choose to go with one that has charms. Personalize it with symbols and stones that are meaningful for you two. There are also nameplate bracelets where you can have a special date or your names etched on the plate.

Lock and Key Necklace

Now we’re raising the love ante. Evoking old school romances you see in works of fiction, the lock and key necklace is meant to symbolize undying devotion and perfect companionship – you own the key to your partner’s heart.

Locket Necklaces and Bracelets

Perfect for the sentimental types or those engaged in a long-distance relationship, it’s meant to show that you’ll always be there for each other even when miles apart. How sweet.

Matching Puzzle Pieces/Two Halves of a Heart Pendant

You’ll each be sharing a piece of each other’s pendant and only through a reunion will they perfectly match up with another. Jerry Maguire said it best when he said, “You complete me,” and with this jewelry you will. (Yes, we can be cheesy here sometimes).

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Some additional reminders before purchasing couples jewelry:

Make sure you pick a design you both like

The idea behind couples jewelry is that they will complement each other, so naturally, you have to pick a design that the two of you will like. Talk about both of your preferences so you can agree on what type of jewelry the two of you will prefer. Sitting down together to discuss possible designs would be a wise move.

Agree on a budget

Another factor to take note of is the cost. Make sure you are both in agreement about your budget so you can focus on the ones you really like and eliminate some jewelry pieces right away. You may canvass online for leads so you’d know what to look for.

Consider maintenance costs

Sorry to burst your bubble but jewelry is an investment, so make sure you’re doing what you can to help protect it from theft and loss. We’ve previously talked about jewelry insurance, as well as tips on the proper care and maintenance of precious stones so you may want to read up on those too.

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