Instagram Marketing Techniques for Jewelers

Advice to capture your audience in a snap.

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Expanding your business beyond your brick and mortar is a wise and necessary move these days. With the technology available within our reach, you simply cannot miss out on the many wonderful opportunities waiting for you online. In the case of Instagram, its reliance on visual content makes it the perfect venue for jewelers to promote their wares to a wider audience. It’s definitely a worthy business decision whether you’ve been online for a long time or are just about to dip your toes in social media’s waters.

Learn the right way of capturing the beauty of your merchandise, as well as potential customers, in this popular app.

Show your audience what goes on behind the scenes
Instagram is one of the go-to social media sites for creatives and lifestyle content, so why not create content that revolves around those two areas? You can tap into these topics by showing the process that went into the creation of your jewelry pieces. Through a video or a series of photos, you can show the inspiration and craftsmanship that went into the making of a particular piece. When done well, it will convey to the audience the care and dedication that your brand has to your works.

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Run contests on your account

Maintaining an open and friendly image is a great way to keep loyal customers as well as reach new ones. As a way to give thanks to your long-time supporters, why not run a contest on your Instagram account? You can ask them for photos of them wearing your merchandise, or you can also challenge their creative muscles by having them participate in DIY contests such as design challenges that involve their jewelry display tools. Make sure to showcase the best works on your account and reward them for a job well done.

Promote in-person store events

Don’t forget to tap this online platform to promote store events and promotions. You can create teasers in the days leading up to the event, or post promo codes that your followers can use to avail discounts and prizes when they come to your store. It’s a great way to promote your business’ events without paying for ad space like you would in newspapers or broadcast media.

Remember to stick to a color palette or style when posting content

Having a uniform look to your posts helps establish your brand’s identity so make sure to choose one that matches the image you want to project to your audience. Choose a palette or filter to establish your brand’s aesthetic and remember to stick to it whenever you create a post. Beyond the design elements of your posts, the way you communicate should also be consistent all throughout. So if you choose to go with a friendly, youthful tone that’s how you’re going to be crafting your captions in all your posts. For more tips on how you can create your IG aesthetic, check out this article from Later.


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