Display Techniques for Stone Jewelry

Follow these tips to make your jewelry collection pop.

Rings with large gemstone centers being worn by a person in a turquoise dress.

Nothing beats stone jewelry when you want your outfit to make a statement. A well-chosen stone can be your jewelry piece’s center of attention, so you better make sure you’re ready for the limelight.

Don’t forget to give your stone jewelry the care and attention it deserves once you’ve gone home and taken them off. Make sure they remain the beautiful pieces that they are even if you’re not out and using them. Follow these jewelry display ideas and use them on your collection.

Hang them loose on metal holders

Gemstones are often used as a centerpiece of jewelry pieces that hang. You can find them as pendants for necklaces or earrings, or as charms in bracelets. The best way to display these styles is by hanging them loose using metal holders. You can truly appreciate their beauty as they resemble hanging trinkets on these metal jewelry displays.

Girl in a black tank top wearing a gemstone necklace.

Go for monochromatic easels and pads

Stone jewelry brings flair and drama to an otherwise boring outfit, so it makes sense to use plain backgrounds to show off their beauty and radiance. Your best bets are those that come in neutral shades like white, cream, or black as it would create a nice contrast to colored stones. Using printed fabrics would be an absolute design faux pas so avoid them as much as possible.

For individual stones and crystals, you can…

Display them as part of a shrine or vignette

Gemstones and crystals aren’t just found on pieces of jewelry. Nowadays, they have also become decorative items that many collectors are proud to show off in their homes. One of the most clever ways of incorporating them into your interior design is by making them a key piece of a vignette. You can designate an area in your home for this project using items that hold a special meaning to you. For inspiration, have a look at samples in this Pinterest album.

A variety of crystals displayed against a green and lavender pastel background.

Store them in stone organizer boxes

However, if you prefer to store them away for safekeeping, your best tools to do the job are stone organizer boxes. This will ensure each of the stones and crystals in your collection has a designated compartment to keep them safe from rubbing up against each other. These storage boxes come with a see-through top so you can easily view them without taking them out.


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