The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Necklace Displays

Tips for everyone using this essential jewelry display tool.

Close up of a woman showing off her necklace.

For jewelry retailers, it is important to showcase their merchandise in the best way possible so they can attract customers. While jewelry by itself is beautiful, the right tools and techniques can further enhance their appearance assuring businesses of sales and profit.

If you're in this industry, make sure you’re doing everything right by reading this article and learning the rules of using necklace display tools.

DO take the time to plan out their placement and spacing

A little goes a long way when it comes to product placement. Remember that it’s never a good idea to pile on your jewelry display tools with too many pieces. You wouldn’t want your necklaces getting tangled up or for the holder to topple over from heaviness, so just put enough then move the excess to another necklace display stand.

It’s also a bad move to overcrowd a table or display case with jewelry pieces and their respective holders. Make sure there’s space in between items as clutter is unsightly and may turn off potential customers. Maximizing your store’s area, like using the walls to display your items, can help free up crowded areas.

For high-end items, having a special room for viewing will not only help minimize clutter in your store’s main display area, but it also adds another layer of protection for your store, crew, and customers.

Blonde woman in white holding up her necklace.

DO think about cohesion when grouping things together

Mixing and matching is the name of the game when choosing which items go together. Similar pieces or styles can be grouped together to form themed areas around your store, like dedicating a space for turquoise jewelry, for example. But also remember that together with the props displayed alongside your jewelry merchandise, your themed displays should make sense to appeal to customers. Never mix two pieces that don’t match (eg. tribal necklaces with diamonds) or use backdrops that clash with your merchandise.

DO use the right-sized necklace display tools for your merchandise

Again, the right matching matters and when it comes to sizes you need to pair up jewelry pieces to the appropriately-sized jewelry display tool. Chunky necklaces would look great on bust-type jewelry holders, while the more dainty ones are fit for boards or mannequins.

DON’T forget to refresh your displays often

Make sure your customers have something new to look forward to whenever they come into your store. This doesn’t mean changing placements or your jewelry showcase every week. You just have to make sure you refill empty spaces vacated by sold items or changing up your store’s merchandise highlights each month.

Various jewelry pieces on display.

DON’T be afraid to mix up jewelry displays with different heights

Variety livens up a retail display so make sure to generate interest by using heights to create dimensions. A great example would be the use of different ring risers of varying heights. In the case of necklace displays, you can do this by placing easels on different levels for variation or combining different types of necklace display tools together as long as they don’t clash with each other.

DON’T just use any type of lighting source or technique

You need to take the time to think about what kind of lighting works best for your displays. Your best bet would be LED lighting as they give off a white cast that makes your jewelry merchandise dazzle more. They are also much more energy-efficient which would give you savings when you get your electricity bill each month. When it comes to light placements, remember to avoid putting them in places where they may cast a shadow on your merchandise.


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