How to Take Care of Your Engagement Ring

Make sure to hold on to this precious piece of jewelry.

A person holding an engagement ring, waiting to surprise his/her partner with a proposal.

Before your Big Day, it’s safe to say that your engagement ring is the most precious item in your jewelry collection. Therefore, you must do everything to keep it safe and intact as much as possible. Follow our tips below on how you can take care of your engagement ring, and by the way, congratulations on your engagement!

Wear it at all times

You run the risk of forgetting the ring when you take it off, so to avoid that, just keep on wearing it especially in public. However, there are exceptions to the rule: take off your ring when taking a bath or shower, and also when you’re washing your hands or doing household chores as the ring can slip off and/or get washed down the drain. Just remember to leave it somewhere safe (preferably in the box it came with). Store it away from prying eyes, if possible, and don’t get it mixed up with your earring display, bracelet bars, and other jewelry display tools.

Keep it out of reach of children or pets

Another reason why you should store away your ring in a safe place when you do take it off is to keep it away from someone or something who may take an interest in playing with it, and yes we’re talking about kids and pets. The ring’s small size makes it prone to losing, or worse, getting swallowed during play so hide it away where they are not easily reached by the little ones at home.

Take your ring to a professional for cleaning

We are not talking about any ordinary ring, so to keep things in tip-top shape leave it to a professional cleaner to do the work for you. He/she will know what to do to keep your engagement ring damage-free.

Avoid touching the center stone

Gemstones easily attract dirt, sweat, and body oil which you are capable of transferring to it when you touch it. If you have to remove your ring, just remember to hold on to the sides and carefully wiggle it out for removal.

A couple kissing, with the woman showing off her engagement ring while covering their faces.

Buy insurance for the ring

Even if you practice all these tips to protect your ring, sometimes accidents still happen. Add another layer of protection to your jewelry by purchasing insurance for it. In fact, purchasing insurance for your entire jewelry collection is not a bad idea at all. Having your ring insured protects it from loss, damage, or theft – just remember to read through the fine print to make sure all bases are covered.

Once you get married, you and your partner must also purchase insurance for your wedding rings.


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