4 Reasons Why Mannequin Jewelry Displays are Worth a Try

Give your jewelry collection a unique spin with these cute and quirky jewelry display tools.

Fabric Covered Mini Mannequin Display
Fabric Covered Mini Mannequin Display*

We’re all pretty familiar with store mannequins. A trip to the mall wouldn’t be complete without seeing them, but did you know that there are mini-sized mannequins that are used to carry jewelry?

These jewelry display tools also serve an important role just like their full-sized counterparts, and if you’re a serious jewelry collector or a jewelry retailer you certainly wouldn’t go wrong with adding them to your arsenal of display and storage options.

They’re great as a space-saving device

You certainly have a ton of options when shopping for jewelry displays, but if you’re looking for something that’s efficient even in a limited space then why not go for a mannequin display? These unique display tools, unlike bulky boxes or palettes, don’t take up a lot of space and can easily be stashed or displayed anywhere you want.

This is especially important for jewelry store owners as they may want to maximize their store’s display areas.

Fabric Covered Doll Jewelry Display
Fabric Covered Doll Jewelry Display*

They make for interesting display items at home and at jewelry stores
More than just mere jewelry holders, they add a little bit of character to a space for their designs. Depending on the type of mannequin jewelry display one uses, it can either evoke an elegant and sophisticated ambiance, or a fun and youthful vibe to a room or store. It helps set the tone of a particular area so choose designs that you would like to reflect your brand.

They call attention to your jewelry collection

As eye-catchers themselves, mannequin jewelry displays will certainly capture the attention of potential buyers browsing around your store. If you’ve taken to heart our advice on retail display ideas, like taking into consideration size proportions and spacing, you will not go wrong when you use mannequin jewelry displays to showcase your merchandise. You would want to have every person that comes to your store to pause and examine your jewelry pieces long enough to translate to a purchase, and these display tools can certainly do that.

Fabric Covered Mini Bust Necklace Display
Fabric Covered Mini Bust Necklace Display*

They make for nice canvasses for your jewelry pieces

Mannequin jewelry displays – whether they’re the bust or doll-type – serve as the perfect platforms to showcase the beauty of jewelry. This is definitely the case for necklaces as bust-type mannequin jewelry displays mimic the neck and chest area. Buyers can easily imagine how a piece would look like on them even before they try out the merchandise.

*Available on the Nile Corp website.


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