5 Curious Facts You Need to Know About Emeralds

We’re shining the spotlight today on May’s birthstone.

A close up photo of an emerald and diamond ring and necklace while being worn.

The month of May is right smack in the middle of the spring season – an appropriate time for a green-colored gemstone to be celebrated. With its striking beauty that evokes the beauty of nature, let’s look at some curious facts about emeralds.

They’re usually more expensive than diamonds

We’ve always considered diamonds as the most sought-after stones on the planet so it’s natural to assume that they’re also the most expensive. Surprisingly, because emeralds are much rarer than diamonds, that also makes them a lot more expensive. In fact, they’re actually the rarest type of gemstone that even in established emerald mines found in Africa, Central and South America, you’ll have difficulty finding them in good quality conditions. Try to see and visit a jewelry store online to compare prices and be surprised by your discovery.

So what determines the value of an emerald?

An emerald crystal displayed on a rock.

The four “Cs” determine an emerald stone’s value

Cut, clarity, color, and carat are the four factors used to decide on the stone’s value. Of these four, color is given the most weight. Top-quality emeralds sport a vivid green or bluish-green shade.

It must be noted, however, that it is very rare to find a perfect emerald (hence making them more valuable than diamonds). Emeralds are often found with “inclusions” or tiny bits of fissures or cracks inside. They are considered flaws if found in other gemstones but inclusions actually add a bit of charm to emeralds. In fact, gemologists call them “jardin” which is the French word for “garden.”

The royals love them

The Egyptian queen Cleopatra was said to love emeralds so much that she reportedly owned all the emerald mines during her time. In modern times, the UK’s Queen Elizabeth II loaned her granddaughter, Princess Eugenie, the Greville Emerald Kokoshnik Tiara for her wedding in 2018. First created in 1919, the tiara is a family heirloom and features diamonds set in platinum, including a 93.7-carat oval-shaped emerald as a centerpiece. Curiously, the tiara has never been worn by the Queen. As for its price? Jewelers estimate it to be around $6.5 million and $13 million. Certainly having an emerald amongst your jewelry display collection instantly gives you an instant queenly appeal.

They were once believed to have mystical powers

Old traditions consider gems and stones to possess powers and the emerald is no exception. It is said that emeralds can help find out if your partner’s love for you is genuine. Another superstition surrounding the gemstone is that it is believed to give its wearer enhanced mental abilities including the power to see into the future.

An everyday household item helps them last longer

Coating your emeralds with baby oil helps prevent them from going brittle. For cleaning, all you need is water and a soft cloth. Ironically, cleaning and maintenance for this expensive stone are pretty cheap.

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