5 Ways to Grow Your Jewelry Business Through Pinterest

Create a buzz around your brand with this popular app.

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Expanding or starting your business online isn’t as hard as you think it is. Thanks to technology, anyone with a good grasp of social media, plus a healthy dose of hard work and determination, can find success on the web.

For jewelers, one of the best sites to market your jewelry business is Pinterest. Full of fashion and lifestyle ideas, it is the perfect site to showcase your merchandise. People log on to Pinterest to get beauty tips, styling advice, as well as information on how they can plan their weddings and other events. Surely your bracelets, earrings, and necklace display stands have a place in the site.

A silver bracelet, pair of gold stars, gold mascara, and baby pink notebook.

Know your audience then post what appeals to them

As mentioned, Pinterest is a great place to get ideas and DIY projects so make sure you are contributing content along those lines. You can post how-to tips on how to care and maintain jewelry displays or a fashion post on women’s jewelry staples, but make sure the presentation will appeal to your target audience. It is important also that your content is well-crafted as the site is known to feature beautiful images with a particularly feminine touch. Thankfully, sites like Canva can help you craft the perfect aesthetically-pleasing Pinterest post with its templates and images.

Make sure you always have fresh content

Along with creating beautiful content, make you’re churning them out regularly. It assures you that you’ll always be on your followers’ timelines when you do. You can use any of the scheduling and organization apps available to stay on top of things. From there you can designate what time and day you would schedule your posts to go live.

Start building your account by creating a few boards and filling them up with pins (what Pinterest uses to refer to “posts” on the site). Soon enough you’ll see people following your account which can translate to them discovering your products and brand.

A Pinterest title card featuring a framed brooch display.
Photo from Marvellous Mrs. P

When in doubt, go vertical

Vertical photos are most likely to be pinned on the site. They also get more screen space and with the right framing, it also allows more areas for customization, like in this graphic we found on Pinterest. Always remember that when you’re taking photos of your jewelry merchandise.

Be a strategic pinner

When posting your product photos, make sure you’re pinning them from their actual product pages. That way your pins link bank to these pages and people who see your pins can directly go from Pinterest to the actual product pages and place orders.

Rose gold and greendaccessories and gadgets (iPhpne, pencils, earrings, notebooks)

Build a community around your account

You’re not expected to just post content that’s composed only of your products. That would be boring. Instead, try to find fellow brands and jewelers accounts and pin their posts as well. After all, building connections is part of expanding your business, so follow accounts that catch your eye.

In fact, following similar accounts has a lot of benefits. You could see what other creators are doing and take inspiration from their works. Outside of the site, it could likewise lead to building relationships with investors and collaborators. Following and supporting other accounts also exposes you to more potential customers.


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