4 Ways to Care for Your Heirloom Jewelry

Helpful tips to keep your family’s treasures last for a long time.

A pair of gold rings and a gold headband.

More than just pieces of accessories to accentuate your look, heirloom jewelry is precious because of their sentimental value. Passed down from one generation to another, it symbolizes a family’s history and must be cared for more than any other kind of jewelry in your collection. To honor the stories that come with these precious jewels, follow our tips to know how to take care of them in this article. Discover cleaning tips and find out the right jewelry display and storage tools so you can be assured that their future is secured.

Keep them away from chemicals

When cleaning jewelry, simpler is always better especially for older pieces like heirloom jewelry. As they are already of age, they are much more susceptible to deterioration so avoid using anything that contains chemicals such as ammonia, acids, or alcohol. Stick to the basics like water and mild soap and you can be sure to see these treasures in all their glory for years to come.

A wooden jewelry box left on the beach.

Use individual cases or pouches for storage

Metals and gemstones can get easily scratched if you keep them all together in one box or bag. Make sure they’re not rubbing up against each other by keeping individual pieces or stones in their own containers. Thankfully, there’s plenty to choose from if you’re looking for jewelry display and storage tools.

For precious stones, small jewelry pouches made out of soft material such as velvet or satin are your best choices. If you prefer boxes, make sure to choose those that have compartments like these deluxe jewelry boxes from Nile Corp.

Avoid moisture as much as possible

You may be tempted to wear your family’s heirloom jewelry at every event possible. However, constant exposure to the elements can easily dull precious stones and metals. Sea and pool water alike can cause rusting so avoid wearing your jewelry when swimming. You’ll also run the risk of losing them if you do so just wear them on dry land. Even sweat, as well as perfume and lotion, can contribute to their degradation so only use them during very special occasions.

Get them insured

As an extra layer of protection, why not get your family’s heirloom jewelry insured? Depending on the provider, jewelry insurance may cover theft, damage, or loss due to accidents and disasters. Another feature often included in jewelry insurance packages are repair and maintenance services which are also great perks to enjoy. Just make sure to go through the terms and conditions thoroughly so you won’t be missing out on anything before choosing your jewelry insurance provider and package.


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