Tabletop Jewelry Display Ideas for Stores

Tips to showcase your merchandise in the best way possible.

Jewelry display at a store.

Aside from providing great service and beautiful jewelry, having an attractive tabletop jewelry display is one sure way to get people to purchase your merchandise. You could be doing well with your marketing efforts but a display that’s sloppy will not translate to sales.

As a business owner, you must ensure that your merchandise always looks good so that it captures the attention of buyers. In this article, you can learn a few techniques that you can apply to your retail display plan.

Brown & Beige Leatherette Jewelry Display 19-Piece Set
Brown & Beige Leatherette Jewelry Display 19-Piece Set*

Mix and match jewelry displays to create sets or themes

“Variety is the spice of life,” as the cliche goes, so why not add a little bit of spice to your jewelry display? You can put together a more interesting setup by combining different types of jewelry and jewelry stands to create themed displays. You can go for an elegant look just like in this brown and beige leatherette display set…

Mini Furniture Jewelry Display Set
Mini Furniture Jewelry Display Set*

...or go for a more quirky, yet down-to-earth look with this jewelry display set that mimics a home living room.

Just remember that the look you should go for should make sense for the overall vibe of your brand or store.

Be mindful of scale and proportions

Make sure the jewelry displays you use match the size of the jewelry they are displaying. Your goal is to make your merchandise pop out, so putting small delicate items on display stands that are too large would likely drown them out, while chunky items would look better in bigger and thicker holders.

Regarding placement, make sure the displayed items aren’t too compressed with one another which would make your display too messy. Likewise, don’t leave wide spaces in between displays so that your setup wouldn’t look too bare.

Just remember to have the proper amount of displayed items with the available space you are given and you are good to go.

Burlap Linen Risers Set, 6 pcs
Burlap Linen Risers Set, 6 pcs*

Go for jewelry risers of varying heights

Visually, variations in size and height are much more dynamic and are much more interesting to the human eye.

Create shapes and dimensions by using risers of varying heights to display your jewelry, as this setup allows your customers’ eyes to focus on each piece one at a time.

Beige Necklace Display Bust
Beige Necklace Display Bust*

Use colors that complement one another

Monochrome or plain backgrounds look best as the eyes would immediately zoom in to the jewelry at the center. Colorful pieces, like pieces that carry gemstones or beaded jewelry, are very much suited for these types of jewelry displays.

When in doubt, apply the Rule of Three

The “Rule of Three” is a design principle that dictates that groups of three are more visually appealing to viewers. You can apply this by combining three items together, or by grouping jewelry pieces of varying sizes (small, medium, large) in a set.

In fact, the Rule of Three is a popular approach used for memorization and storytelling, so it makes sense to use the same techniques when you’re trying to hold you’re target customers’ attention.

*Available on the Nile Corp website.


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