Ideas for Eco-Friendly Jewelry Displays

Going green is the way to go.

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There’s never been a better time to be environmentally-conscious than today. When the news is filled with stories about climate change and its impact on the world, it becomes our duty to become much wiser about the decisions we make today to salvage our planet’s future and that includes the decisions we make as entrepreneurs. We need to make sure we’re not creating extra strain on our natural resources just to make a profit.

That’s why we came up with this article on eco-friendly jewelry displays. Whether you’re on the lookout for bracelet platforms or earring display stands, let us help you make better and greener choices for your merchandise.

Wooden Necklace Holder Jewelry Display Bust Stand
Wooden Necklace Holder Jewelry Display Bust Stand*


Jewelry displays made of wood would always be a top choice, not just for those looking for environment-friendly display options, but also those whose style aesthetic is more on the eclectic bohemian style. It has the perfect look to complement shell-type and beaded jewelry which are popular accessory choices, especially during summertime. Wooden displays are also lightweight, perfect for trunk shows and pop-up shops.

Medium Metal T-Shaped Gray Burlap Linen Earring Display Stand
Medium Metal T-Shaped Gray Burlap Linen Earring Display Stand*


Made from jute – a coarse plant fiber that is mainly used to create sacks and rope – burlap is another great green option to consider. It is 100% biodegradable and the second most widely-produced natural fiber, next to cotton. It is a versatile material as you can find it used as fabric for various jewelry display and storage tools such as drawstring bags, as well as earring and necklace holders.

Economically, it is the cheapest plant fiber available so not only is it safe for the planet, but it’ll save you cash too.

Paper Twine-Wrapped Necklace Bust Display
Paper Twine-Wrapped Necklace Bust Display*


Here’s another eco-friendly choice for displaying your jewelry merchandise. Twine is a thread produced by combining two or more strands through twisting and braiding. It is lightweight but strong, thanks to the reinforcement created by the braiding technique. Like burlap, it is made out of natural plant fibers, mainly cotton, jute, and wool.

Undyed Color 100% Organic Hemp Linen Covered Five Slot Ring Display
Undyed Color 100% Organic Hemp Linen Covered Five Slot Ring Display*


Hemp is a natural resource that is used for various products such as textiles, paper, jewelry, and as building construction material. It is regarded as a top choice for those looking for sustainable natural resources as it doesn’t require much water to grow and produces a high yield even in small areas.

Additional tip: When looking for jewelry display tools to use that’s safe for the environment, you need to look out for words like “undyed” or “organic” which assures you that it is completely natural and devoid of harsh chemicals that can harm the environment.

*Available from the Nile Corp website.


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