Best Practices for Using Retail Jewelry Display Cases

Make sure you are doing these steps to catch shoppers’ eyes.

Top-down shot of a department store.

In large cities and small towns alike, retailers are all vying to capture their target audience’s attention. Many would try to come up with the most innovative promos and events, but one of the most important things business owners can do is to create an attractive retail display space to make sure their business continues to generate sales and operate smoothly. Jewelers are no different and this article can serve as a helpful guide on how they can make sure they are maximizing their jewelry display cases to earn well.

Know your audience

Your approach to designing your jewelry display cases should reflect your target audience’s taste. Teenagers, for example, would have different preferences when compared to older shoppers. You can go for fun colors and props when you are catering to younger shoppers, like these mannequin display stands. On the other hand, go for more luxurious jewelry display pieces and textures when you are trying to capture a more sophisticated crowd.

Spacing and placement matters

The key rule in designing a retail space is to make sure your merchandise always looks visually-appealing. Beyond their appearance and craftsmanship, how they are arranged contributes a lot to how they are perceived by shoppers. You could be selling the most attractive wares, but if they are arranged awkwardly or look cluttered then you will not be winning the attention of shoppers.

It’s important to maintain a sense of balance in your displays, so make sure you are not crowding them too tightly together. Make sure there is enough space between items so they can be better appreciated by shoppers. A display that’s too bare is likewise unattractive so make sure there are enough pieces inside your jewelry display cases.

Make sure also that your set up makes sense by grouping similar items that go together. Mixing up costume beaded jewelry may look off when paired with diamonds or other precious stones, so be careful that you don’t put together jewelry pieces that don’t match.

Blonde woman inspecting jewelry on a mannequin.

Refresh your displays often

Using the same display set up for far too long can easily get stale and may look unattractive to shoppers. Keeping your inventory and display updated can easily liven up your jewelry display space. You can create themed setups depending on the season, or mix up your jewelry display cases with other retail display tools like mannequins or tabletop stands so that shoppers can be free to touch and inspect your merchandise.

Use the appropriate jewelry display case for specific items

Jewelry display cases come in various shapes and sizes, so make sure you are using the specific type it is intended for. Some display cases are appropriate for one particular type of jewelry, while some can be used to mix and hold several pieces together. To see the different jewelry display cases available, visit Nile Corp today and explore your options.


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