5 Organization Tips for Your Jewelry Collection

Find your jewelry pieces easily and efficiently with these tips.

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Having a large jewelry collection can be a source of pride for many people, but it could also be a source of headache. When you start having a hard time locating a particular piece, or your bracelets get tangled up with your necklaces, then it’s time to take care of things by organizing. Your jewelry display would definitely look better once you start practicing these tips.

Group items according to type

To make it easy to locate items or avoid getting your pieces getting tangled up together, start sorting them by type. Likewise, sorting the same pieces together makes sense because some types are much more suited for a specific kind of jewelry display holder. Size matters too, so make sure to separate the chunkier ones from your small, delicate pieces.

Place them in the jewelry display holder or stand meant for their type

Different jewelry pieces mean different organizational techniques. Necklaces, for example, need to be separated and hung loosely. Bracelets are displayed the same way too. On the other hand, bangles can be displayed while hanging from thicker T-shaped jewelry holders.

Metal Jewelry Rack
Metal Jewelry Rack*

Meanwhile, earrings are best kept in compartmentalized jewelry organizers or individual boxes.

Velvet Pendant/Earring Box
Velvet Pendant / Earring Box*

This ring display stand may look a bit funny, but it sure does a great job of keeping your ring collection organized. Make sure to keep only one ring per holder for easy finding and removal.

Beige Faux Suede Finger Shaped Ring Display
Beige Faux Suede Finger Shaped Ring Display*

Keep your everyday jewelry within reach

Once you’ve sorted your pieces into the appropriate containers, your next concern is where to place these containers. For your most precious items, like heirloom jewelry, it’s best to hide them in a secure place like a safe. On the other hand, costume jewelry or those you wear every day can be displayed on top of your dressers or nightstand to make it easy for you to find them.

Take note of the material used to line your containers

Jewelry can be pretty delicate, so you need to avoid getting them scratched by rough surfaces. When shopping for jewelry displays, look for containers with a soft lining like velvet, faux leather, natural linen, or suede. This is to avoid scratches or bumps that can dull the beauty of your jewelry collection.

Rose Trinket Jewelry Box
Rose Trinket Jewelry Box*

Use trinket boxes to store your small pieces

This vintage-style jewelry box will give your jewelry collection a quirky vibe with its look and appeal. Because of its intricate design, not only does it make for an effective jewelry holder, it can also make for an interesting tabletop display piece.

*Available on the Nile Corp website.


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