How to Display Jewelry on Halloween

Here are a few display tricks to spook up your jewelry shop this Halloween.

Three women wearing Mardi-gras masks at a party

It's finally October! And in just a few weeks, store displays will be filled with spooky decorations like skulls, cobwebs, and brooms. This is pretty easy to do with a clothing shop or a bookstore, but how about a jewelry shop?

Today, we will be sharing some tips on how you can spook up your jewelry store display this Halloween season, aside from the usual spooky decorations.

Silver pentagram pendant

Use only black jewelry displays.

Go dark as much as possible! Remove your pink or floral displays for the meantime, and replace them with purely black ones. A black velvet jewelry display is one good example, as well as a leatherette-covered one. Black metal jewelry holders are great choices too.

Showcase Halloween-inspired items.

Dedicate your window display only for jewelry pieces that have Halloween-inspired designs. Showcase skull rings, bat pendant necklaces, spiky leather cuffs, and other jewelry perfect for accessorizing costumes. Doing so will arouse the interests of passers-by, increasing the chances of them dropping by your shop.

Turn down your lighting.

Jewelry shops naturally have bright lighting to showcase the beauty of the items for sale. However, in the spirit of Hallow's Eve, try turning down your lights to give your shop a spooky feel. Do note though that spotlights are exempted from this because jewelry on display needs to be lit up.

Play some spooky music.

Up your Halloween spirit by playing spooky music! You can find playlists of scary background music on Spotify or on YouTube. Playing the original soundtracks of horror movies or series is another option. Just don't keep it too loud because you might scare potential customers away!

Get a smoke machine.

And to top off your shop's overall Halloween feel, turn on a smoke machine. You can either rent one or buy one, depending on how you want to invest in your Halloween decorations. And if you're the only store in the area with this special effect, you will definitely be giving customers a very memorable store experience.

As an added tip, you can take photos of your Halloween-ready jewelry shop and upload them on your social media accounts. Create a unique hashtag for your posts as well. Then, invite people to come over to take photos and encourage them to use the hashtag.


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