Benefits of Using Mannequin Jewelry Displays

Do not be turned off by their traditional vibe. Learn why these displays are worth showcasing your jewelry.

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One of the best types of the necklace display is the mannequin. Mannequin busts help customers visualize how a piece of certain jewelry would look on them or on an actual person. And that is why many local jewelry shops still use them. However, some may consider them as traditional and are worried that they won't match their modern shop displays. We beg to differ. These jewelry displays actually come in different designs, colors, materials, and styles. Give them a chance; here are the benefits of mannequin jewelry displays for your shop.

No clutter

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The main benefit of mannequin necklace busts is that they prevent clutter in your shop, especially in your window display. You can showcase necklaces separately without having to worry about tangled ornaments. Some styles come with hooks, and these allow you to separate pieces without them getting all messed-up.

Gives life to the piece

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As mentioned earlier, mannequin jewelry displays help people visualize how a jewelry piece looks like on an actual person. They bring the illusion of life, provoking something in them -- the desire to touch and wear the jewelry. Somehow, mannequin displays allow people to connect with the item they are checking out. These displays help customers understand what piece would look good on them or not, therefore influencing their purchase behavior and buying decision.

Sets shop's atmosphere and tone

Nile Corp Wholesale Fabric Covered Mini Mannequin Display

Mannequin jewelry holders can set the tone of your entire shop. Unlike jewelry items displayed in boxes or trays, pieces showcased in mannequin busts seem more approachable and friendly. This gives an intriguing vibe, encouraging passers-by to check out your store. So the more unique the design of the mannequin, the more it will catch the customer's interest. These displays also help boost sales because of their strong, imposing appeal, as well as providing customers a better all-around shopping experience.

Ease of getting and returning the piece

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Those with multiple hooks allow you and your customers the ease of getting a particular item from the display, as well as the ease of returning it. With necklaces in a box or tray, you'd still have the trouble of removing clips that secure them in it. Mannequin necklace displays, on the other hand, do not need these clips, making it more convenient for customers to try on the necklace they want.


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Mannequin necklace displays are actually quite affordable. Some can even hold multiple pieces at once, so there is no need to shell out cash for a lot of jewelry displays. They also save space, are practical, come in many designs, and can match any type of necklace or bracelet for smaller ones, for that matter.


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