How to Boost Jewelry Sales on Black Friday

Increase your sales further with a few marketing tricks this holiday season.

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It's that time of year again when stores start to become super busy! After Thanksgiving is the Americans' favorite shopping day, Black Friday, and this marks the start of the festive holiday season.

Your jewelry sales surely will increase, but did you know that you can boost them further with some marketing tips? Today, we prepared a list of these tips that you can try for your jewelry business.

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1. Showcase your items in new jewelry displays.

Go for brightly colored ones to achieve a festive feel. You can highlight a new necklace with a white necklace display or an acrylic ring holder for your rings. It would be a bit too early for Christmas accents, so go for the generic festive ones like golden and silver bows, drapery, or tablecloths. Having this uplifting and welcoming festive theme in your shop will definitely arouse the interest of your passers-by!

2. Build anticipation with in-store promos.

Get a spike in sales by urgency and scarcity. How? All you have to do is create in-store exclusive flash sales. Offer a limited number of jewelry pieces at low prices for a limited time only. Make sure to put up posters of these promotions on your window display weeks before, as well as announce them in all your social media accounts.

3. Offer Black Friday jewelry bundles.

You can encourage people to buy more jewelry by offering a bundle of pieces. You can even include a slow-moving item in the set to make sure they finally get sold. Don't forget to put a tag of how much they are going to save if they purchase the bundle, versus how much they'll spend if they are to buy the pieces individually.

4. Give exclusive rewards to loyal customers.

If you are giving out a point rewards card, you can give double points to purchases done on Black Friday. For example, if a customer gets one point for every 10 dollars spent, they will get two points for every 10 dollars on Black Friday purchases. Another option is to give exclusive freebies to loyal customers when they spend a particular amount.

5. Send out an email campaign.

Email marketing is an effective strategy to promote your products. In fact, according to DMA Insights, 99% of consumers check their email every day. So take advantage of this, and inform your customers of your Black Friday specials by sending them informative emails. You can also promote your deals and discounts via emails too. So don't forget to add a call-to-action to make sure they check out your website and physical store.


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