Best Ways to Use a 4-Tier Jewelry Display

Here are some tips for using your wooden tiered display.

Wooden 4-Tier Jewelry Display Stand in a coffee wooden color from

One of the most space-saving types of jewelry display available in the market today is one that has many tiers. This is because it can be a necklace display and a bracelet holder in one and can hold multiple pieces without looking too cluttered. Today, we will be highlighting one of our new arrivals -- the Wooden 4-Tier Jewelry Display.

Wooden 4-Tier Jewelry Display Stand in an oak color from

Here are the best uses for a four-tier jewelry stand:

1. Display bracelets of alternating colors.

To make your display even more eye-catching, try showcasing bracelets or bangles of the same color on one-tier, then another color on the next. Creating patterns of designs is another option, especially if you are going to display entirely different styles.

2. Place necklaces on the top tiers and bangles at the bottom.

If you have necklace-and-bangle sets, you can use this four-tier display to showcase them without looking messy. Make sure that you place them in the right order of color or design, so customers can easily tell which pieces are the right match.

3. Use it at home.

Jewelry displays can be used at home too! So if you have a vast personal collection of necklaces and bracelets, the tiered display is your best bet to make your dresser look clutter-free. You can organize multiple pieces in this stand without having to worry about them getting all entangled as well.

4. Use it at craft or trade shows.

Because this jewelry display is made of wood, it has rustic qualities that make it perfect to use in trade shows. It is effortlessly eye-catching and complements basically any type of bracelet or bangle. And because show booths are not that spacious, you can largely benefit from the space-saving quality of this display.

5. Use it to display other accessories.

If you also sell (or own) other accessories like watches, scrunchies, and hair bands, you can also use this 4-tier jewelry stand for these items. You can keep your accessory display looking organized without having to worry about them getting entangled with other pieces.


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