Jewelry Display No-Nos

Here are things to avoid in your jewelry shop display.

Woman checking out a jewelry window display

Jewelry displays are the first thing your customers see when they pass by your store or once they enter your establishment. That is why you should make sure that they look as presentable as possible. However, some jewelry shop owners still make mistakes and are actually not aware of them. Don't be one of them, here's a list of some of the jewelry display no-nos to avoid.

Close up shot of silver jewelry on display

1. Making the window display look cluttered

No one wants an eyesore of a window display! Not only is it painful to look at, but customers will also lose interest in checking your items out further. By cluttered, we mean displaying too many pieces in one jewelry holder. For example, if you want to showcase a new necklace design, place it solo in one necklace display. You can add one or two more of a different color but never put more than three. Remember that you want to make passers-by curious enough to make them go inside your shop. So limit the pieces that you display by the window.

2. Not enough space

Space is definitely a significant factor in displays. Even out the items evenly; otherwise, customers will have a tough time checking out each piece. This would be quite inconvenient for customers, especially if there are other people interested in the same item. Some solutions for this is to use rotating displays or place the display table in the middle area, not against a wall.

3. Using too many colors

Your displays should look consistent; if you are opting for a minimalist style, go for monochrome displays. On the other hand, if you want a colorful display, pick a particular palette with just two to three colors to avoid going overboard. You should avoid the clash of colors because your display can become an eyesore. The same goes for the jewelry items you are planning to showcase. If a particular piece has multiple colors, it's best to use a jewelry stand with just one color.

4. Insufficient lighting

Light is one of the most important factors in displays. Without proper lighting, potential customers won't be able to see all the details of the jewelry pieces. That said, you would need enough spotlights to light up your items for sale. Make sure that it is also installed in a way in which it does not cast any shadows.

5. Excessive lighting

If some displays have insufficient lighting, some can go quite overboard. Too much light can also ruin a beautiful display. Your goal is to perfectly showcase your jewelry and impress customers, not give them a headache with really bright lights. Some people cannot stand such lighting, specifically those with eye problems or migraines. One solution for this is to use different temperature ranges or colors of light bulbs instead of just bulbs from one bright temperature range.


Have you made the same mistakes with your display? Share your stories in the comments below and feel free to give suggestions!


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