7 Ways You Can Show Appreciation to Your Jewelry Customers

Give thanks to the folks who supported you along the way.

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The heart and soul of running a business are the customers. They are the very reason why a business continues to prosper, and on the flip side, the reason for its downfall. Every entrepreneur, no matter the industry, must recognize this fact.

It is for this reason that those who stay loyal to your business need to be celebrated for their continued support. And while it’s true that giving them the best products and services each day is a form of showing gratitude already, why not do something extra for these folks to show your appreciation for their efforts?

1. Celebrate your customers with a whole day of appreciation.

You can designate certain dates in the calendar—your jewelry shop’s founding day, for example—as a day of appreciation for your customers. 

Think of doing activities that your customers would really love, like a special jewelry exhibition night for an up-and-coming designer with cocktails and party food. If you prefer a daytime event, you can also hold a brunch get-together where people can learn styling tips on how they could accessorize their outfits or a workshop on jewelry display ideas they can try out at their homes.

2. Set up a loyalty club that comes with special privileges and treats.

You may also set up a special “VIP” club for your long-time customers. Rules for qualifying often differ depending on the store or industry, but often retail loyalty clubs require those who want to join to reach a certain price point in purchases to qualify automatically. Meanwhile, some businesses run sign-ups on and offline to gather interested parties to the club.  

Whatever method you choose for acquisition, make sure the perks are great and are of interest to the members. Benefits such as special discounts, early access to new products, free gifts, and members-only shopping days are just some of the things that you can offer for your store’s VIPs. You can also partner with other businesses such as restaurants or gyms so that your shop’s club members can experience special sessions and treats at these establishments.

Of course, every customer that strolls into your store should be treated as a VIP—no exclusive club membership required—so make sure to give top-notch customer service all the time.

3. Run a fun raffle.

Outside of a loyalty club, a raffle draw is a fun and simple way to show appreciation to your customers. You can run this promo offline by asking anyone who purchases an item to write in their details in a raffle stub or you can also conduct it online by tagging you in your social media pages.  

The prizes you could give away could be an item from your store, like a jewelry item bundled with a jewelry display stand, or a personalized service like jewelry engraving or extended warranty services for their purchases.

4. Keep them coming back with a reward points promo.

This is another popular customer appreciation treat that everyone would love. It starts by handing out point cards to every customer that buys something from your jewelry store. Every purchase earns them a stamp or point. Completing a certain amount of points or stamps earns the lucky customer a special treat from you.

Alternatively, some stores run the reward points promo where every point earned gets converted to cash which customers can use for their future purchases.

Whatever method you choose, this type of promo sure is a fun way to show gratitude to your loyal customers, while encouraging new ones to join in.

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5. Sing them praises on social media.

Now here’s a simple but effective way to show gratitude to your customers, and it won’t even cost you a penny. A thoughtful image, GIF, or video clip that shows you’re thankful for their continued support can go a long way at making your followers’ day.

You may also run this campaign by having past customers send in their thoughts and experiences with your products. Have them share stories such as when something they bought from your store became a part of a special milestone in their life, like a wedding. Afterward, you can give a  small token of appreciation to those who participated.

6. Send out personalized notes of appreciation.

Personalized notes are always appreciated whether they come from a family member or a friend, so why can’t you give one as a business to a customer? Short, thoughtful notes that come attached to a shopping package are a nice way to show your thanks for the customer’s support. The best thing about this is that it always comes as a surprise to the recipient because not a lot of businesses do this practice. 

Think of this gesture as your good deed for the day, in that not only will it put a smile on your customer’s face but it would surely put one on yours as well.

7. Always put a premium on giving top-notch customer service.

While we’ve mentioned early in this article that giving high-quality customer service should be an ordinary everyday effort, we do feel like this point must be emphasized to close out this piece.

Making a conscious decision to deliver the best services each day should be at the heart of every jewelry shop staff member. From the moment a potential customer steps to the moment they step out—whether they purchase anything or not—each employee must give their best to satisfy the wants of their buyers. And that’s only the beginning: there must always be a constant effort to upskill so that the folks handling customer concerns on the floor would know how to handle any challenges that come their way.

Likewise, every care must be given that the jewelry displays are well-stocked and designed in a way that benefits the customers browsing your shop.

And at this point, we want to thank you, our loyal readers and customers, for continuously supporting us with your jewelry display and storage needs. Rest assured that we will continue to deliver only the best products and services to meet your satisfaction!


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