How To Incorporate Shabby Chic Style into Your Jewelry Displays

Give your showcase a romantic, vintage vibe with this aesthetic.

A shabby chic set up featuring flowers ina  clear blue vase and aged wardrobes in the back.

Looking for a new style to adopt for your jewelry display showcase? The shabby chic style is a fun one to try out for home and commercial use. It’s a look that calls to mind the aesthetics of an old farmhouse: lots of vintage furniture with some faded details, giving it a lived-in and cozy look. In terms of colors, the preferred shades are muted tones like cream and pastels.

It also gives off a do-it-yourself (DIY) appeal as for many years rural households are expected to be self-sufficient so homemade woodcrafts adorned with elements found in nature are a common theme.

In fact, many design experts have noted the style’s rise in popularity in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the majority of the population was in lockdown, many turned to its romantic and familiar appeal to provide comfort while isolating.

No need to turn back the hands of time to try out this design technique as it’s always a good time to try out and explore. Here are some tips you need to remember if this is your first try at exploring this particular aesthetic.

Thrift stores are your best friend

Looking for furniture to incorporate into your shabby chic jewelry display setup? Forget about going for new furniture finds—your best bet is your good ‘ol neighborhood thrift store.

The aesthetic is all about exuding an aged but homey look, so you should be on the lookout for pre-loved furniture and decorations. While it is true that some furniture stores offer newly-made items that are deliberately made to look old, nothing beats the appeal of genuine vintage furniture.

When going for authenticity though, make sure that the furniture is not falling apart. Check that the item you’re going for—whether it is a shelf or a table to be used to hold your earring display stands or necklace display busts—is sturdy and can possibly be used for a while. A little bit of wear and tear is ok as those are part of the aesthetic. As with anything else when making an investment for your jewelry collection, practice sound judgment to make the best purchase.

Combine the aesthetic’s muted colors with texture 

Shabby chic is never about going for bold shades and loud design elements. It’s all about toned-down colors such as cream/off-white with a sprinkling of pastel elements here and there. What makes the style pop out though is its use of texture. This can be achieved with intricate details on fabric (crochet pieces and floral design on doilies) or the rugged, weathered look on wooden furniture.

#NDF7733 Burlap Linen Covered T-Bar Bracelet Display
#NDF7733 Burlap Linen Covered T-Bar Bracelet Display*

Check out this bracelet display T-bar stand as a perfect example if the aesthetic's design rules are combined in one jewelry display device. Covered in a cream-colored burlap fabric, it also comes with a lace ribbon detail which gives it a sweet nostalgic appeal making it the perfect addition to any shabby chic-themed display.

Floral elements are a must-have

As an aesthetic inspired by the look of country home living, florals are an absolute must-have when putting together a shabby chic jewelry display setup. Whether you’re using actual fresh flowers or other elements such as floral wood carvings or pressed dried flowers, these can add a charming touch to a well-crafted shabby chic showcase.

#NDF8806 Fabric Covered Doll Jewelry Display
#NDF8806 Fabric Covered Doll Jewelry Display*

Fabrics with floral patterns are especially popular accents for shabby chic interiors and this doll-type jewelry display stand certainly fits the bill.

Mismatched decors are ok

There’s a tendency for other interior design styles to value uniformity when it comes to choosing which pieces should go together. Shabby chic doesn’t have such strict standards when it comes to its design principles.

While it values craftsmanship and woodworks, it doesn’t necessarily concern itself with having a “perfect” setup where everything is pristine and matching as it should. Owing to its DIY ethos and having the thrift shop as a prime source for its decorations, feel free to put together furniture such as mismatched vases or chairs together. Doing so would definitely give your setup its unique character.

Because in many ways the shabby chic aesthetic means being fine with a look that gives it the appearance of organized chaos, it’s easy to slip into clutter. While mismatched decors are ok, be careful not to overload spaces with too much furniture or decors.

The right fabric can tie the whole look together

A pretty throw or a cozy blanket are great accents to finish your setup, but only if you have the right fabric. Your best bets are textured fabrics such as lace, linen, and crocheted pieces. In short, focus on those adorned with patterns and curls. Basically, pieces that look cozy and classic would make for great additions to your jewelry display showcase. You can achieve the look by simply draping a blanket over a couch or using a table runner on top of shelves.

#WD3331-OK 3Pcs Set Wood Stackable Display Riser Stands

#WD3331-OK 3Pcs Set Wood Stackable Display Riser Stands*

You can complete the whole look with this 3-piece set of wooden riser stands which you could use to showcase various jewelry, as shown in this picture, like rings, necklaces, and even bracelets.

When deciding on a look to aspire for when decorating your jewelry displays, it always pays to go for a style that would suit best your brand and target market. While it’s not for everyone, the shabby chic look is an old favorite that has stood the test of time. If you think your customers would love it, then why not give this particular aesthetic a try?

*Available on the Nile Corp website. Accessories not included.


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