How To Strike Gold at a Crafts Fair With Your Jewelry Display

Helpful tips to help you grow sales at a jewelry crafts fair.

Jewelry on display on painted trays.

Joining crafts fairs is one of the best ways to spread the word about your jewelry business, especially if you’re just starting out. It’s more than just an opportunity to sell your products, as this type of event also allows you to make plenty of connections with new customers, creators, and partners.

It’s important to carefully choose the products you will be bringing to the event. Likewise, the jewelry display techniques you apply can make or break your fair experience.

It’s best to not go in blindly by learning what you can before joining any crafts fair. Check out our tips here, which include jewelry display ideas, with some marketing and selling techniques, and we hope it helps you to face such events with confidence.

Pick a statement piece to serve as the focal point for your jewelry display

You would want something that pops out to get the attention of passersby, so why not go for a grand, statement piece and put it in the center of your exhibit?

#189-7 Necklace Display Bust in Black Velvet
#189-7 Necklace Display Bust in Black Velvet*

You should go for something that will stand out, so your best bet here is to go for a necklace, showcased in the center using a necklace display bust. Unlike a bracelet rack or an earring stand, display busts are bigger and can definitely catch the attention of passersby especially if it holds an interesting piece.

Marketing Must-Do:

Don’t forget to bring business cards and to hand them out to customers and potential partners. Not only would it help you spread the word about your business, take this as an opportunity to make a connection with them by linking them to your online assets (via QR codes), such as your social media page and/or newsletter. Don’t forget to ask them for their business cards too.

Take advantage of jewelry display stands that can carry multiple pieces

While we don’t recommend that you bring your entire collection to the fair, it’s important that you have enough merchandise to market and sell for the event. Given that you will have limited space for showcasing your products in the venue, it’s best to go for jewelry displays that can hold multiple pieces at the same time.

#WDJ5036ATWH Natural Wood Rotating 36 Hooks Jewelry Tower, Antique White Colo
#WDJ5036ATWH Natural Wood Rotating 36 Hooks Jewelry Tower, Antique White Color*

Pay close attention to the features of jewelry displays you’re thinking of bringing. Look for those that can help make things a lot easier for you and your customers, like this rotating jewelry tower which makes browsing for the customers a breeze. 

Choose also jewelry displays that are portable which are the best options when you are on the road. Look for jewelry display tools that can be folded or those that can be dismantled as they are certainly more travel-friendly compared to other types. 

Customer Service Commandment:

Your booth is more likely to be approached if customers see a friendly face manning the area. Folks would also come and possibly ask questions about the business and your products so always have a ready smile and a personable attitude.

Varieties in heights make for interesting setups

You can create interesting setups by playing with dimensions. Uniformity is out and variety is in, so go for jewelry display tools that showcase different heights. Likewise, when it comes to visuals, go for sets that come in odd numbers as they are seen as much more attractive to our eyes.

#WDN64 Wooden Necklace Holder Jewelry Display Bust Stand
#WDN64 Wooden Necklace Holder Jewelry Display Bust Stand*

This three-piece necklace display bust stand definitely fulfills the above-mentioned visual guidelines for showcasing your merchandise. Another perk to using this particular product is that the busts are actually removable which makes this piece a portable option as well.

Marketing Must-Do:

Have yourself and your staff wear some of your merchandise while manning the booth. Be ready to talk about them when people approach, so make sure you have interesting stories to tell about how they were made or at least have some styling tips to share with your potential customers.

See-through containers add a layer of protection  between your merchandise and customers

It’s important to be extra vigilant when you’re in charge of a jewelry booth as passersby with bad intentions can easily swipe and run off with your merchandise if you’re not looking closely. Having enough people to keep watch will certainly help, but you can also go for clear containers or cases so that your products are not as exposed while remaining viewable to customers.

#1109 Acrylic Lockable Showcase Display Stand with 3 Removable Shelves
#1109 Acrylic Lockable Showcase Display Stand with 3 Removable Shelves*

Again, it’s best to look for jewelry display products with additional features that help with your concerns. In the case of this item, this one is actually lockable which prevents thieves from stealing your merchandise. You can rest easy knowing your precious jewelry collection is protected inside.  

Customer Service Commandment:

Provide your customers with several mirrors, both handheld and a full-length one, so they can check out themselves while trying out your merchandise. This helps them make the best shopping choices, at the same time earning you points in their eyes.

Just remember our advice and you’ll be sure to have a fun and fruitful experience at any crafts fair you join.

*Available on the Nile Corp website. Accessories not included.


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