The Best Ways To Promote Your Jewelry Business on Facebook

Tips on promoting your jewelry business on the popular social networking app.

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If you’re not on Facebook yet then you are essentially missing out on tapping a huge pool of potential customers. How huge? The latest stats put Facebook on top with almost 3 billion active users worldwide. Okay, so you might not be targeting the entire globe for your jewelry merchandise for now but you might be interested to know that 82% of the total North American population are considered active social media users. Whichever way you look at it, getting on Facebook would mean huge gains for your jewelry business.

Now if this is your first time making a Facebook Business page then the process might be daunting for you. You might be asking yourself: Should I start running giveaways? Do I need to publish style advice or share how I set up jewelry display showcases at my store?

There are plenty of ways you can expand your business’ reach on the platform, but if you haven’t started a business page yet then don’t worry as long as you start as soon as you can. You can begin by…

Spread the word about your Facebook Business page on and offline

Whether you’re running a physical or an online jewelry store, you need to build a following first before promoting your business online. Treat the beginning of your Facebook page as a branding opportunity so remember to promote it in any way you can.

You can include your page link, QR code, or username on your store’s physical marketing collateral such as calling cards, posters, flyers, or gift tags. Digitally, you can announce your new page on your electronic newsletters or your existing social media assets if you have any.

To increase visibility you may also join jewelry industry groups or jewelry fan pages on Facebook to share the good news about your new social media account.

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Share helpful content to your followers

While you’re building up your follower count, it helps to start filling up your page with content that matters to you and your target market. Start building authority by sharing blog posts on jewelry and other related subjects such as jewelry making and jewelry display advice. Make sure to create them with catchy headlines and interesting learnings so that your followers would want to share them with their network which is a form of digital word-of-mouth marketing. The more helpful content you put up means more opportunities for you to show up on more user timelines, thereby expanding your reach to more potential followers/customers.

From here you can explore more content types such as product highlights, photo posts, videos, and surveys. Just remember to make it relevant and engaging to attract your targets. 

Also, something that’s very important to remember? Provide accurate links on your posts so that those who click can be directed to your website. This is especially important when you’re posting links to product pages where people can order your merchandise or to your blog posts which helps with your search engine optimization efforts.

Use analytics to discover which type of content works 

Once you have established a constant stream of posts, there will come a time when you will need to check their performance to see if they are hitting your goals. Look for posts with the biggest reach and engagement and figure out if there’s any commonality (theme, post type) between them. Later on, you can focus your content strategy on those that perform the best.

Looking into your analytics—under Facebook’s Business Manager—will also help you determine the time and day when your posts perform well.

When you combine all these data, you may come to find out that your best performing content is your OOTD videos and retail jewelry display tips and that your followers respond best on Wednesdays at 2:30 in the afternoon.

Boost your efforts with paid ads

Once you’ve found your stride through organic posts, you can take your Facebook success even further by placing paid ads on the site. The type of posts you would submit for paid posting (also called “boosting” by the website) is up to you. Budgeting for paid ads is within your call as well. 

You can also set guidelines for audience targeting in your ads. For example, you can specifically target your ads to show up on the timelines of women, aged 16-47 who are employed and residing in California and are interested in fashion, celebrities, and music. This is a smart move for your campaign so you can zero in and eventually reach users who are part of your target market who have yet to follow your page.

Set up your shop on your Facebook page

As you continue to grow your community on the app, you better make use of additional features to your page that will make selling your merchandise a lot easier to your followers. Facebook Shops together with Commerce Manager will help you set up a shop right on your page which is the best option for brick-and-mortar jewelry store owners looking to expand their business online or first-time e-commerce entrepreneurs. Setting up is easy as the app has an easy-to-follow guide for their users interested in the service.

Always remember that having the right visuals is a key to online selling success so make sure to shoot product pics—which you will be submitting to Facebook Shops—with this in mind. Take good care that your merchandise, as well as their jewelry display set up (including location,  lighting, and props), is designed to attract customers so they look their best in photos.

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Provide top-notch customer service even online

Once you’ve dipped your toes in Facebook, it helps to remember that your page will now function as an extension of your store. Just as your sales staff will give their attention to anyone who strolls in your physical store, the same due care should be given to customers coming from your Facebook page.

Make sure to have a dedicated social media staff who would answer concerns, questions, as well as comments left (both positive and negative) on your page. A human voice will always be appreciated more over templated responses so make sure you have enough people to respond in the soonest time possible. Some members of this team may then be assigned to handle post creation, posting, and scheduling.

We promise you that you will soon hit the sweet spot on social media once you discover the right formula and the right people to manage your Facebook Business Page. Good luck!


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