How To Find Trending Jewelry Styles To Sell at Your Store

There are the steps you need to take to score yourself the best and the latest jewelry trends.

Several pieces of beaded necklaces on display.

One of the many challenges of running a jewelry business is the need to keep your shop’s merchandise fresh and up-to-date. Sure, you can give your jewelry display setups a trendy spin each month but it’ll be more impressive to your customers if you have a steady stream of new designs to showcase.

This puts you steps ahead of the competition as your business will be known as the one with the best and most trendy jewelry designs. So if you’re wondering where to get the latest jewelry styles for your store, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a creator-entrepreneur or a third-party seller, you will surely see great finds when you look into these sources:

Look for the bestsellers in e-commerce sites

Online marketplaces or e-commerce sites like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy are great destinations when you’re looking for the most popular items in the market today. Often, these websites have sections where they highlight their bestsellers. On Amazon, you can find those under “Amazon Movers & Shakers.” It is updated hourly so it’s close to being a real-time trending list. If you are a third-party seller, try to find those with wholesale pricing so you can save costs when you order.

Seek out industry websites and publications for expert insights

There are plenty of jewelry industry websites from here and abroad that are a great source of not just trends but news that matters to jewelers like you. Jewelry forecasts, as well as market conditions, are just some of the regular topics covered by these sites. Likewise, experts give jewelry business advice which makes them helpful references for jewelers keen on upskilling themselves and their staff.

Occasionally these websites would also feature social events such as celebrity award shows to showcase the jewelry worn by the stars. Often, the most popular designs end up becoming trends as well so it’s best to keep your eyes peeled on these parts of the sites.

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Check out the reports on trends by fashion blogs and magazines

Fashion blogs, as well as the online versions of the world’s top fashion magazines (Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan), are just some of the go-to references for any fashionista, and they should be yours too. These websites offer fashion forecasts (including jewelry) and coverage of runway shows and fashion weeks around the world. These shows are where fashion and jewelry designers present their latest collections and are considered trendsetters so they make sense to be on the radar of jewelers. Of course, the printed version of these popular titles would provide you with great material as well.

Not only would consuming their content be helpful for those researching the latest jewelry trends, but the photoshoots featured on their pages could also serve as inspiration for your shop’s jewelry displays. Just think of the many creative ideas you can come up with once you make it a habit to consume fashion publications on the regular—your necklace display stands, earring display trees, and bracelet holders better be ready.

Find out what people are searching up online via Google Trends

Google Trends is a feature on Google that tracks the search terms used by users on the search engine. Based on that, you can pretty much get an idea of how popular a certain search term is at a particular period in time.

Try to use several word combinations (costume jewelry, costume jewelry San Diego, fine jewelry, jewelry for children) when using Google Trends for a broader scope of your research. Look for those with high rates of searches but be careful once you see quick spikes on the chart that dissipates just as quickly which is typical for fad products or topics. It’s best to focus your efforts on those with sustained high performance with very little dips in user searches.

Flex your social listening muscles to “hear” what people are talking about online

When you want to find out what tickles the fancy of people nowadays, you have to be where they are right now and these days everyone is on social media. 

First, you need to select the social media apps that your target market frequents. You can look up reports online but you probably won’t go wrong if you start with Instagram or Pinterest. We picked out these two for they are platforms that are highly visual with an emphasis on showcasing aspirational posts. In fact, Pinterest has released a full forecast report on the trends that will emerge this 2022. The app looked at the search behavior of its users segmented by age groups. It is a fascinating study that you can learn a lot from and you can find it here.

Just like when you’re planning for a marketing campaign, it always pays to put yourself in your target market’s shoes to find out what they want and need. Once you figure out this part of the process, you now have to provide what they are looking for.

Luckily, as this article has shown, there’s a wealth of information out there to help you find the best jewelry merchandise to showcase at your store.


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