Jewelry Retail Tips for a Great In-Store Shopping Experience

Shopping for jewelry should be as stress-free as possible.

A happy female shopper crossing the street.

To stay ahead of their competitors, jewelry retailers must realize it takes more than having great products to entice customers to come to visit and purchase from one’s store. Beyond fulfilling a material need, it should never be forgotten that shopping is an experience and that emotion plays an important role in a shopper’s buying journey. To many, shopping has become their outlet for dealing with their moods: for some, they buy stuff because they are feeling good that day, while for others they see it as an aid to lift their low spirits. That’s why it’s important for jewelers to take factors such as store ambiance, interior design, layout, and jewelry display setups when they’re thinking of ways to attract buyers into their store.

Basically, it’s all about making the shopping experience a comfortable one for the customers. Because jewelry purchases are often made to celebrate life milestones (engagements, anniversaries, graduations), then the buying journey should be just as special.

Previously, we’ve talked about the different things jewelry entrepreneurs could do to increase sales for their businesses; now think of this as a follow-up to that piece. Because when you think about it, putting your customers at ease while they shop can only lead to great gains for the business. So here are a few ideas you could try out:

A smiling retail worker holding up an "OPEN" sign.

Welcome your customers with a smile

Don’t underestimate the power of a sincere greeting as a friendly face can certainly put shoppers at ease. While a beautiful jewelry display showcase can certainly capture the eye of a jewelry lover, a frontline staff that’s approachable and well-mannered will certainly be the key factor to getting people to come and stay at your store.

Start strong by offering top-notch customer service from the get-go by giving a warm smile and a sincere greeting to everyone that comes into your store.

A peach and white jewelry display featuring a pair of earrings and a set of rings.

Make sure your store is organized

An organized jewelry store means there is no clutter and everything is where it should be. When it comes to displays, each setup is arranged well with tools and props that complement the jewelry they are showcasing. This also means every device used—your necklace display pads, ring holders, earring stands—are in pristine condition and are fit for presentation.

Besides all that, a well-kept store is one with a nice layout that’s easy to navigate for customers. It’s not confusing and items are easy to find.

A sales clerk handing shopping bags to a couple of female customers.

Have knowledgeable and personable people on staff

We’ve already touched upon how important it is to have store frontliners with great personalities and manners to welcome folks into the store. Once customers are inside and are browsing around the store, the jewelry shop’s staff should be on standby ready to help in case anyone asks.

It’s best to keep a good balance when dealing with the store’s buyers: leave them to browse on their own but be on alert if they ask for help. Never hover or take over when they are selecting. However, once they ask for information always be ready to step in and provide what they need. Another thing to remember is to avoid resorting to hard selling techniques. Instead, it’s best to take on the role of a consultant that provides valuable insights during the jewelry selection process.

A tropical-themed lounge area.

Provide areas for lounging 

Let’s go back to the idea of jewelry shopping for life milestones and celebrations. While shopping can be a relaxing pastime for some, there are those shopping for such occasions (e.g. engagement ring shopping) and the experience can be overwhelming. Besides having top-notch staffers to handle their queries and concerns, another way your store can help out is by providing comfy lounge areas for rest and contemplation. Additionally, if you have the budget and space for it, you can also provide jewelry viewing areas away from the sales floor to provide buyers privacy.

A wash area featuring a sink, liquid soap pump, and a signage with the word "WASH" spelled out.

Ensure the health and safety of your customers with hygiene stations and protocols

The COVID-19 health crisis proved to be an especially trying time for everyone. For retailers it meant fewer people coming in to shop in person. While we are still in a pandemic, having health measures in place at your store helps assure shoppers that their safety is also your concern.

There are many ways to go about this. Before your store opening, make sure to conduct thorough disinfection of your store premises. Make sure the shelves, jewelry display tools, and of course the jewelry themselves are thoroughly checked and cleaned. As an added precaution, you can buy air purifiers or have HVAC filters installed at your stores. You can also implement social distancing protocols and hygiene areas where people can wash their hands before and after shopping. Another thing you can do is to implement a booking process to limit overcrowding at your jewelry store.

An iPhone screen showing another person taking a photo of the iPhone holder.

Get online and share Wi-Fi access with your customers

This is another store feature that we are sure your customers would appreciate. From a marketing standpoint, this is also a great way to promote your store with actual customer reviews and social media posts that shoppers can make while they are at your store. You can take advantage of this store perk by sharing a hashtag that they can use when they post about their experience shopping at your establishment—so remember to provide an awesome service so they would only post positive feedback about your store.

In fact, why not take it up a notch by providing Instagram-worthy nooks around your store where people could take photos as they shop around your store? Not only will this help create a more inviting atmosphere for your store but it’s a way to promote your business as a fun destination for creative expression.

The key to making this project a success? Listen to your customers. Hear what they have to say about what they need from you as a provider and see if you can fulfill those. 

If you’re looking to try out something new this year, then this article is just a starting point. Go out there, explore, and don’t be afraid to be as creative with your ideas.


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