4 Creative Ways to Display Jewelry for Spring 2022

Let your jewelry displays bloom like the flowers of the season.

A pair of silver weddings rings surround by flowers and a purple crystal.

The changing of the seasons is always a great time to update your jewelry store’s display showcase. It’s the signal of new beginnings so it follows that you should present something fresh and inviting to your customers as well. Thankfully, the season’s elements and themes (flowers, nature, rebirth) are especially inspiring for dressing up retail spaces. 

In this article, we look at our favorite jewelry display ideas for the spring season that we think you should explore—applicable for brick-and-mortar jewelry business owners, as well as those running shops online (because having standout jewelry showcases matter online too).

1. Apply natural elements to your displays as much as possible.

Springtime means seeing flowers bloom and Mother Nature showing off her beauty the best way she can. If you want to bring in the same vibes to your store then decorating your jewelry display setups with as many natural elements as much as possible is the way to go.

Think florals, wooden furniture, and natural fabrics as accents for your displays. For your floral accents, you can go for real ones, fake ones, or choose to go with floral patterns on linen or wallpapers.

#WD5600 Natural Wood Rotating Jewelry Earring/Accessory Storage Display
#WD5600 Natural Wood Rotating Jewelry Earring/Accessory Storage Display*

If you choose to highlight wood with your setup, you’ll have plenty of options as wooden jewelry display stands are a popular pick for retailers. This rotating earring display stand pictured here, in particular, is a wise buy for anyone in the jewelry business as this can hold up to 192 pairs of earrings. It is also perched on a rotating base which makes it perfect for browsing. 

Give your showcase a nice finishing touch with wooden furniture and decorations to complete the look.

A tea party scene where iced tea is being poured in a glass.

2. Recreate a tea party scene at your store.

Spring means warmer weather and that means more opportunities to stay outside and have fun. One of the best ways to celebrate the season is with an afternoon tea party. To recreate it in your store, try to incorporate actual items that one will find on such an occasion. Look for teacups and saucers, plus table napkins and placemats in bright, happy colors. You can also add flowers to your showcase. 

Stackable wooden riser stands would look at home in such a setup. To complete the display, your best move would be to highlight jewelry pieces that come in equally bright, happy colors. If you have Swarovski crystals or colorful beaded pieces then they would be perfect as the centerpieces for the whole concept.

3. Go back in time with a vintage-themed jewelry display.

While the season of spring is all about new beginnings, don’t you feel that it also echoes the old times when life was a lot simpler? It definitely calls to mind days spent in the great outdoors and soaking in the wonders of nature. It’s living life gadget-less and without zero connections online—just pure communion with the earth below and the sky above.

That’s why we thought a vintage-themed jewelry display setup would also make for a great spring season showcase, specifically the aesthetics of the 1950s. Back then, it was all about pastel shades, fabrics with flowers, and patterns such as checkered prints, as well as stars, stripes, and polka dots.

#ZZ-219PKLN Pink Linen Wood Jewelry Bracelet Display Holder
#ZZ-219PKLN Pink Linen Wood Jewelry Bracelet Display Holder*

You can start by using a combination of two to four of these style elements in your showcase, then add a few simple decorations or even furniture into the equation, and soon you’ll have a ‘50s throwback jewelry display setup at your store. (Check out this article to get more insights into this particular interior design style).

4. Celebrate Easter with a showcase inspired by the holiday.

Holidays are also a great source of inspiration when you’re designing for your store’s jewelry displays. 

One of the most well-known celebrations during spring is Easter Sunday, and just like the season, it’s a holiday that celebrates rebirth and renewal. As such, it also incorporates a lot of the same elements such as pastel shades, greenery, and nature. Its defining elements though are Easter eggs and the Easter bunny. 

Needless to say, the aesthetics lean towards a younger audience so you may want to showcase jewelry items from your inventory that were designed for children and teens. 

#JDW893-BL Medium Bust Necklace Display
#JDW893-BL Medium Bust Necklace Display*

You can then showcase your chosen products on jewelry display tools that come in colors associated with the holiday, such as this baby blue-colored necklace display bust.

We hope we were able to impart to you some useful and creative ways to display your jewelry store’s merchandise this spring season. But we’ve just scratched the surface here; don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild with great ideas for your jewelry displays.

*Available on the Nile Corp website. Accessories not included.


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