How To Promote Your Jewelry Store Without Spending a Fortune

Effective promotional tips at little to zero costs for your jewelry business.

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Looking for ways to promote your business that won’t leave a hole in your pocket? With rising production and transportation costs, businesses all over are looking for ways to cut down on expenses to keep their finances healthy. Boosting your marketing efforts will certainly help your jewelry store earn more, and thankfully there are ways where you can promote your shop without spending a lot for them.

Beyond investing in promotional campaigns and coming up with new and inventive means to design your jewelry display showcases, these are the marketing tricks of the trade that won’t ramp up your store’s expenses.

Create a customer registry

This is one way to keep in touch with former customers in an effort to get them to give your jewelry shop return visits. With a customer registry on hand, you can send alerts for promotions, new products, as well as special events your business might have.

To create a customer registry, you can start by having them leave their calling cards at your shop’s point of sale. You can also gather customer information by handing them a sign-up form (could be electronically done, could be in paper form) and telling them of the perks they can enjoy if they join the registry. If you have social media pages then you can also send a call out to your loyal followers to join your registry/mailing list if they want to stay on top of your store’s promotions.

Start a blog

This is another low-cost marketing project your jewelry shop can indulge itself in. Because content is king and what you put out there can effectively help you gather an online audience, a blog provides you a great start at building your online presence.

This is good news for new jewelry entrepreneurs as starting a blog is easy and is absolutely free. Start by thinking of topics that are relevant to your products, as well as those that are useful to your target market. The next thing to do is to promote it via social media to help its spread. Additionally, your articles could also be sent out to those folks in your customer registry.

In the future, you may avail the services of a professional digital marketing agency to do all your online marketing activities for you. However, if you’re a solo home-based jewelry proprietor or have a limited budget for a full-scale project, starting your shop’s marketing blog this way is a good start to getting your name out in the online space.

Join a jewelry trade group

Who would understand your needs more than fellow jewelry entrepreneurs? If you’re on the look out for more than just exposure, joining a jewelry trade group will help you connect to potential partners, clients, as well as experts in the field. 

There are plenty of jewelry associations to choose from and while many of them will require fees for membership, the perks you will gain (trainings, promotions, resources) will prove to be invaluable as your business grows.

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Engage with your followers on social media

It goes without saying that having a business page on social media is a must for any jewelry shop these days—what you do with those accounts though is what would determine if you’re making the best use of these free sources for your business.

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter thrives on making connections, so make good use of those platforms to reach your audience. You can start by sharing posts that would be of interest to them: product photos and information, sale announcements, jewelry trivia, or perhaps style tips that they can apply in their everyday lives. Once you’ve found your social media sweet spot (people engage with your posts and share them with their connections), it’s important you respond back with engagement from your end as well. This goes beyond promotions as the public also takes the time to share online their experiences, both good and bad, about the products they consume. As a brand that operates on social media, this is also an opportunity for the business to provide customer service by responding to comments, questions, and complaints received on your account.

In the case of more visual social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest, engagement means creating content that the said apps support, such as video clips on TikTok, pictures on Pinterest, and both clips and pictures on Instagram. The relevant content topics may range from jewelry display ideas for the home on Pinterest or OTD clips on IG and TikTok.

Provide excellent customer service at all times

Always remember that your employees are your most important brand ambassadors. As such, it is the duty of the company’s leadership team to impart the importance of this role to the staff. It starts with empowerment—letting them know their value to the business and helping them understand their part in contributing to its growth is a powerful motivator. This will then reflect in their job performances. 

This is especially crucial for your front-facing staff members as they get to interact with the public the most. When service is delivered with care and a smile, customers are more likely to keep on returning to a place of business.

Marketing projects need not be expensive for them to be effective. Resourcefulness and imagination can go a long way, and when you are fully committed to them, you would absolutely see the rewards of your efforts in no time.


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