6 Storage Ideas for a Mess-Free Jewelry Collection

Tips on how you can keep your accessories neat and orderly.

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While we normally talk about jewelry display techniques for business use in this blog, today’s focus is on jewelry storage solutions for the home.

Once you have accumulated a large collection of jewelry, the time will come when you will need to have a system in place before things go awry. Doing so will help you keep track and find things easily, which means fewer headaches in the morning when you’re dressing up to go out of your home.  An organized jewelry collection also means they will remain tangle-free and protected for a long time.

Even if you are still in the beginning stages of building your jewelry collection, the tips here are still useful and will set you up to become a responsible owner.

1. Take a quick inventory of your jewelry collection.

It is important to review the jewelry pieces you have so you can sort those you consider for everyday use and those you would only use on rare, special occasions. Your everyday pieces are those you can keep on display on your shelves or vanity area. You can also store some of them inside drawers if you don’t like them completely exposed. Whichever manner you choose, doing it this way means they’d always be within your reach when you’re dressing up to go off somewhere. 

For your display options, it’s best to go with earring display racks, plus necklace and bracelet stands with stable frames so they don’t easily topple over. Everything else must be stored away under lock and key for their safety.

#97-05 Flocked Plastic Tray Insert
#97-05 Flocked Plastic Tray Insert*

2. Keep things in order inside drawers by using trays with compartments.

Speaking of storing jewelry pieces inside a drawer, the addition of jewelry trays will certainly be helpful to keep things mess-free inside. For one, the compartments help you sort your jewelry so that each has its respective area. This also ensures that they don’t get tangled up or bump into each other which occurs when the drawer is repeatedly opened and closed.

If you require more than one tray, best to choose trays all in the same color as it’s more visually pleasing that way.

#JB3097 Textured Black Leatherette Jewelry Box
#JB3097 Textured Black Leatherette Jewelry Box*

3. Invest in a sturdy and lockable jewelry box.

Now for those jewelry items you picked for safekeeping, it’s best to store them away using a container with a lock and key. Pay close attention to how the insides are set up and make sure it has different compartments and tiers for all types of jewelry in your collection. Check to see that the lining is made up of soft material, such as velvet (as shown in this photo), which is the way to go to prevent scratches on your jewelry’s surface. Other features such as elastics and pockets for added security and storage space are also good to have as well.

It’s best to have several of these lockable boxes if you have a large jewelry collection and have it stored away inside your closets. For your most precious pieces such as heirloom jewelry, a locked safe would be the better storage place for extra protection.

#BXT357 Two Parrots Trinket Jewelry Box
#BXT357 Two Parrots Trinket Jewelry Box*

4. Look for trinket boxes if you want decorative containers.

Trinket boxes are recommended for those looking for containers with an aesthetic appeal. On their own, they can be decorative tabletop pieces for your bedroom, but they also serve a practical purpose as a storage container. While there’s very little space inside, they make up for it through their looks and intricate designs which makes them interesting figurines to have around.

5. Take advantage of your room’s walls for additional display space.

For those living in tiny spaces, don’t forget that your room’s walls can also be used to showcase your jewelry collection.

Whether you choose to go with a floating wall-mountable shelf or a wall hanger-type jewelry display with hooks, this one is a clever way to display your jewelry without taking up much space.

#JWD1103 3 Tiers Acrylic Display Risers for Makeup
#JWD1103 3 Tiers Acrylic Display Risers for Makeup*

6. Don’t limit yourself to jewelry containers.

While there are plenty of jewelry storage containers available in the market, you don’t have to limit yourself to them when looking for storage solutions for your jewelry. Go beyond these and seek out shelves and holders meant for other items, such as makeup organizers and kitchen jars. This makes shopping for your jewelry needs much easier as you are not limited in your selection.

Part of ensuring your jewelry collection lasts a long time involves employing the right storage techniques so they are safe and free from damage and entanglements. In fact, you can never be too careful with your precious jewelry collection so make sure the right safeguards are in place.

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