Spring 2022 Earring Trends & the Best Earring Displays for Them

Stay on trend with this accessories style guide.

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This season’s jewelry looks are all about making big, bold statements. Say goodbye to dainty styles; Spring 2022 is all about being loud and proud and expressing it with your choice of jewelry.

The past year was all about taking on a comfy, subdued style. Now, the new season is all about celebrations and feeling joyful, and with that comes colors, drama, and big statement pieces. You can all see modern takes on vintage fashion trends this season, which is always exciting to see on fashion runways and on the streets.

For now let’s look at the biggest trends for earrings this spring, plus check our recommended earring display stands for them.

A female model wearing chunky earrings and a zebra print-outfit.

Chunky pairs and big hoops

Huge earrings are definitely big and popular these days, pun intended. They’re perfect if you want to add some oomph to your outfits, guaranteeing that all eyes will turn in your direction when you do. 

One of the season’s choice looks for earrings is an update to the gold hoops of the ‘70s so it’s a good time to make them a staple of both your daytime and nighttime ensembles.

The same earrings look especially good on wooden T-bar-style jewelry display stands alongside bangles and bracelets.

Vintage-inspired aesthetics

We’ve already talked about how the current season’s style is inspired by ‘70s trends, and it’s reflected prominently on plenty of high-fashion runways, as designers look to the past for inspiration for their works. 

If thrift stores and vintage shops are your go-to haunts for jewelry then you’re in luck. Pay close attention to those that have the look of heirloom pieces, as well as timeless pairs such as earrings that feature pearls. While the trend exudes a vibe that might appeal to more mature jewelry lovers, younger folks may adapt the vintage style to their own through enamel dangling earrings.

#WD2005-WH Wooden jewelry rack with 20 hooks
#WD2005-WH Wooden jewelry rack with 20 hooks*

Whichever style you prefer, your earrings will surely look at home in a jewelry display rack when they’re not in use. Sturdy and dependable, they’re a must-buy for jewelry lovers with an enviable earrings collection.

Golden chain links

While this may be another throwback to a past trend, specifically the fashion of late ‘90s - early 2000s hip hop (back then they called it “bling”), 2022’s take on chain links is a lot more elegant. Instead of silver, today’s trend is all about gold, and as per the season’s other trending looks, the chunkier the better. In fact, runway shows upped the glam factor by having the models wear necklaces, bracelets, and earrings with gold chain links studded with diamonds.

A pair of beach-inspired earrings with yellow tassels surrounded by shells.

Candy colors 

Reminiscent of the childhood jewelry you used to exchange with your friends in summer camp, this trend is another example of the fun-natured mood that pervades today’s fashion. You can be as subtle as you want with this trend by pairing your earrings with a neutral wardrobe palette and making it a focal point of your outfit. Alternatively, you can go wild with this style by applying the color blocking technique to your fashion ensembles.

For your choice of jewelry display tool, you can either go for an earring display that’s covered by neutral-colored natural linen or one that comes in black velvet for the colors to truly pop.

Rave, Y2K-inspired fashion

Similar in looks to the previous trend, this one incorporates elements such as butterflies, flowers, smiley faces, and letter beads. The key to wearing these looks is to have fun and not take yourself too seriously.

A female model wearing a pink suit while standing in front of a pink backdrop.

Oversized gems

Oversized gems were seen all over the runways and they all came in various shapes and sizes. For a more personal take on the trend, why not go for earrings that feature your birthstone?

#JWY6065 Acrylic Rotating Jewelry Stand Earring Holder Accessories Organizer

#JWY6065 Acrylic Rotating Jewelry Stand Earring Holder Accessories Organizer*

For our earring display recommendation, we think acrylic-type stands would make for a perfect match for these big bold stone earrings. The clear material would provide a nice contrast to the colors making them stand out even more.

Spring 2022’s trends all have something in common and that thing that unifies all these looks is their boldness. Once again, dressing up is fun and is something to be celebrated, so go out there and enjoy these great works.

*Available on the Nile Corp website. Accessories not included.


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