Jewelry Retail Display Secrets That Encourage Impulse Buys

Learning the tricks to encourage unplanned purchases would mean gains for your jewelry business.

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Ever found yourself strolling out of a store with more purchased items than you initially intended? 

You promised yourself you’ll stick to your grocery list, but out of the corner of your eye you spotted your favorite snack and you just couldn’t resist taking a few bags of it with you. Or perhaps you found yourself waiting in a long line to get to the counter but a few products caught your eye before it’s your turn and so you now have additional items in your cart to pay for.

Those scenarios are exactly what defines an impulse buy. They are spontaneous purchases because they just happened right then and there even if the shopper didn’t mean to. A lot of it has something to do with fulfilling an emotional need or giving into instant gratification.

In the case of jewelry shops, triggering impulse buys may be tricky,  most especially for truly high-end shops. But if you’re market is on the lower end of the spectrum then these techniques are entirely doable.

Follow these jewelry display and retail showcase tips and apply them as you see fit for your business.

Increase visibility for your target products

Oftentimes all it takes is a clear sign to tell your customers of your promos that will encourage them to engage in impulse buying. You can implement this by using sale signs and positioning them where your target products are located. To further drive the point, choose red for your sign’s colors with white for the text as this color combination, in particular, is a crowd drawer and unmissable.

Gold necklaces hanging from a T-bar style necklace display stand.

Place your priority items in high traffic areas

When you want to boost sales for a particular product, your best tactic is to place it where people are more likely to congregate in your store. In the case of jewelry, you can create a whole jewelry display set up of merchandise you want to highlight in a prominent part of your shop’s retail space. 

You can also display promo products side-by-side bestsellers or the latest trendy items that your store is offering. Of course, it’s important to practice good judgment when combining products as they still need to make sense when displayed together.

Lastly, the areas near cash registers are also prime spots for products you want to promote for impulse buying. As people wait for their turn on the counter, it’s very likely they will be enticed to add another item or two from the products on display nearby. Often, these are affordable items that people won’t think twice about buying. For a jewelry shop, this could be costume jewelry earrings or rings—basically, affordable small pieces that don’t need a lot of space for displaying.

Keep promo items within eye level of customers

Another way to increase visibility for your promo items is to keep them within the eye level of your average customers, so make sure you have shelves where you can place your necklace display tools and the like for easy viewing for your customers.

The reason for this is to make the products easy to find, without requiring your customers to stand on their toes or to crouch down just to see and examine your products.

Use language to create a sense of urgency in your customers

Aside from choosing the right colors for the signages, the right text helps a lot in convincing potential buyers to go ahead and purchase something from your jewelry shop. Using words like “BUY NOW” or “TODAY ONLY!” creates a sense of urgency in your customers.  When placed in the right location and applied with the right colors, this calls-to-action can be very persuasive in getting the public to buy your goods.

Apply cross-merchandising techniques to encourage impulse buying

Cross-merchandising involves displaying different but relevant items together. This is common in seasonal displays, such as a summer-themed one where you might see a retail setup where a swimsuit acts as a focal point and side items may include shades or sunblock. It is a good technique that encourages people to add more items to their shopping list.

You can do the same for your jewelry shop, especially if you also sell other accessories such as hats, scarves, and glasses in your store. You can create a whole retail setup focused on a particular theme or aesthetics and combine different products that fit your chosen vibe.

Use social proof to your advantage

Social proof is one technique you can try to boost specific products in your store’s collection. Basically, this marketing strategy has to do with leveraging the hype surrounding a certain product. This hype could be gathered from the media, both traditional and social. This is especially effective when done online but it could also be applied in brick-and-mortars through posters and signages around the store that publicize the popularity of a certain product.

With these techniques in mind, feel free to try them out and explore what works best for your jewelry business.


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