6 Ways to Grow Your Jewelry Shop with Great Customer Service

 The best businesses care for their customers.

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The key to having a successful business these days is not just through offering great products. Smart entrepreneurs and business owners know that it goes way beyond that ‒ they know that giving top-notch customer service is a must to stay afloat. Customers want to feel that the brands and stores they patronize care for them and they would make sure to continue supporting any establishment that does that for them. This should be the case for every type of establishment and with jewelry shops offering such high-value items for sale, all the more that they should offer top-notch customer service to their clients.

Let’s look at the many ways you can do to take your jewelry shop’s customer service to the next level.

Offer them rewards and promos

These offerings may come in the form of discounts or additional gifts, like a special jewelry display stand, that they will receive upon purchase of a certain item or amount. You may also offer those buying your high-value items with added professional services like cleaning and maintenance warranty.

This encourages people to purchase more from your store in the hopes of acquiring these give-aways.

Luxury Sleeved Necklace Box
Luxury Sleeved Necklace Box*

Treat your merchandise like the precious items that they are

Another way to show excellent customer service is by making sure your merchandise is well taken care of. This means you are showcasing them in the best ways possible with the use of high-quality jewelry display tools. There are lots of display stands that you can use ‒ from earring display racks to bracelet platforms ‒ to create beautiful setups that entice and inspire.

Large Metal T-Shaped Earring Display Stand
Large Metal T-Shaped Earring Display Stand*

This kind of service can be extended to how you package your items once purchased. Choose chic jewelry boxes as packaging to give your precious merchandise the care they deserve.

Open yourself to customer feedback

Whether it’s the good kind of feedback or a complaint, your business must be ready to answer these types of responses from your customers. Aside from training your staff to know your products from top to bottom so they can answer questions in-store, having an online channel where people can leave comments shows you value their opinions. Remember though the importance of a quick turn-around for queries and comments posted online so that customers (or potential customers) know you are serious about accepting their inputs.

Two women looking at accessories at a jewelry store.

Let them feel special with grace and courtesy

A bad remark or a snooty attitude can certainly make anyone feel unwelcome, so make it a point to treat your customers with respect. A smile and a warm sincere greeting can certainly go a long way when you’re trying to make your customers valued. You can extend this kind of service by directing them to a cozy area in your store where you can showcase them your jewelry collection while providing them with snacks and refreshments.

Provide value-added services for after-sales

You would want to remain top of mind for your past customers and you can do this by providing them additional services that complement their purchases. It can be in the form of cleaning and repair services, early access to new collections and promos, or special discounts during their birthdays.

Create multiple channels for purchasing

In today’s world, shoppers would love to be provided with opportunities to shop online or in person. Make sure to find ways that this is made possible by offering shopping in both your physical and online stores (if you have both). Providing multiple payment services can likewise help out customers and is something they are sure to appreciate greatly.

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