Jewelry Trend Alert: The 411 on Multiple Ear Piercings

Make a style statement with this trendy and daring jewelry trend.

Brunette woman with multiple ear piercings.

Been thinking of updating your style profile? Give multiple ear piercings a try. It’s a trendy way of showcasing your love for jewelry by creating combinations from your collection. But before you go through your earring display and storage for ideas, read this article and find out whether this jewelry style is right for you.

You can go for multiple piercings at once

Yes, this is possible. Most professional piercers, like those you find at tattoo shops, would recommend that you get all the piercing done on one ear first so that you can sleep comfortably on the untouched ear in case you are a side sleeper.

Infographic showing the different ear piercing areas and the piercing  pain level for each.

Pain can vary depending on the area

The pain we feel depends greatly on the number of nerve endings present in a certain body part, as well as how thick the tissue is in said area. The pain felt during an ear piercing is also affected by other factors. Top-notch piercers are highly adept at their roles that they know how to put a nervous client at ease. Even the quality of needles can make a difference. It would be safe to say that pain levels will vary depending on these given factors, plus the pain tolerance level of the client.

The different classifications of ear piercings.

The healing phase can vary too

Again, it would all depend on how thick the area that was pierced, as well as the presence of blood vessels in the spot. Ear piercings performed on the earlobe are the quickest to heal at around two to three months. The ones that hit the cartilage, like the tragus and daith piercings, take longer (about four to six months). Helix types can take up to a year to heal. Except to clean them using a saline solution, piercees are advised to leave their piercings alone to speed up the healing.

The different styles of combination ear piercings.

Your own personal style can dictate the best piercing combination for you

If you’re not sure which look you should go for, you can base it around what type of fashion appeals to you. Whether you’re a fan of big and bold looks, or something more subdued, your piercer can help you come up with the right combination that would look best on you. You can also take a look at this article to get ideas.

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