The Best Jewelry Displays for Statement Jewelry

Here are the qualities of a jewelry display to look for when showcasing bold jewelry.

The Best Jewelry Displays for Statement Jewelry |

In one of our previous posts two months ago, we gave you tips on how to display minimalist jewelry. This time, we will discuss some helpful tips on how to showcase eye-catching statement jewelry.

As we know, not all types of jewelry display can bring out the true beauty of jewelry pieces. This is because there might be some that can clash with the design of the jewelry. Some may even camouflage the jewelry instead of accentuating it. Remember that customers want displays that are easy on the eyes, so you should be careful with choosing them.

And without further ado, here the three best jewelry displays for show-stopping statement jewelry pieces:


The monochromatic Necklace Display Easel from Nile Corp is ideal for statement jewelry

Monochromatic jewelry displays are definitely the best choice for bold jewelry. Because they have a single color, there won't be any chances of it clashing with the design of the jewelry. It instead allows the piece to stand out even more. Another tip is to get one in a dark color if the jewelry is silver, stainless steel, or white gold. On the other hand, get one in a lighter shade if you are to display black-plated or gray-plated jewelry. Gold and rose-gold basically look good in earth tones and dark ones.


The Metal Arrow and T-Bar Jewelry Display Organizer Stand from Nile Corp is perfect for statement pieces

Minimalist displays are ones that have simple designs. A good example of this is displays made of metal, acrylic, and ones covered in single-colored velvet. Necklace display busts with a straightforward design are also another example. Of course, do choose ones that have a color and style that will perfectly complement the designs of your statement pieces. Otherwise, the jewelry might just camouflage itself into the display.

Subtly patterned

The subtly-patterned Paper Twine Wrapped Necklace Bust Display from Nile Corp is ideal for statement jewelry

Although the basic rule for statement jewelry is not to use patterned displays, there are still some that will complement these bold pieces. Jewelry displays made of wood are one good example. They have subtle and natural designs that do not clash with statement jewelry, especially ones that have crystals and beads. Burlap and paper twine also have subtle patterns, but they bring out the beauty of the jewelry as well. Stay away from displays with polka dots, animal prints, florals, stripes, and the like.


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