How to Handle Excess Inventory

Don’t just dispose of them; here are a few tips on what to do with excess jewelry pieces.

How to Handle Excess Inventory |

It’s already spring, but you may have noticed that there is still a lot of Christmas-inspired jewelry in your inventory. This holiday just comes once a year, and if you can’t wait till the next Yuletide season, one option is to dispose of all these items. However, did you know that there are other ways to handle excess inventory?

Today, we are giving you a few tips and tricks on how to reduce your excess jewelry items.

Sell them to your customers.

This may seem a bit crazy, but yes, you can still sell outdated jewelry items to your customers. How you may ask? Well, you can sell them for a considerable discount. Many customers are willing to buy outdated designs for lower prices, so they can save a lot on holiday jewelry to either wear or give as presents. You can sell them at online retailers like eBay and Amazon for your products to get more exposure.

Offer them to other sellers.

Other sellers are willing to buy outdated designs. This is because they can resell them or create them into new pieces. These sellers scrap these items and use the raw materials to create new ones. For example, a pair of drop earrings with snowflake charms can be made into a simple pair of studs, minus the snowflake design. A charm bracelet with Christmas charms can be made into a minimalist piece.

Recreate them.

In line with the second tip, instead of selling them to sellers, you can scrap these jewelry pieces yourself and create them as new ones. You can even use these pieces in your workshop activities or jewelry-making classes if you regularly have them. Another option is to use the Christmas-inspired charms to design your holiday jewelry display. There are so much you can do with these jewelry scraps, all it takes is a dash of creativity!

Give them away as promotional items.

If you do not have the luxury of time to recreate your excess inventory, you can opt to give them away as promotional items. For example, if customers purchase three or more items, they can get a free Christmas-inspired piece. This would be a good idea to do in the third quarter when the Yuletide season is nearing. Keep them anticipated with the holidays!

Donate them.

The last option is to donate them. This is much better than just disposing of these items. You can give it to art workshops or organizations that have jewelry-making activities. They can scrap them and use the materials in teaching youngsters on how to make their own jewelry. Not only are you able to help, but you are also able to make these aspiring jewelry designers happy.


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