The Best Jewelry Displays for Men's Jewelry

Showcase men's jewelry this Father's Day with these displays.

The Best Jewelry Displays for Men's Jewelry

Although it's the women who love to splurge on fashion jewelry, some men are into these accessories as well and love rewarding themselves with a bracelet or two. And because it's Father's day is next week, women are also shopping for men's jewelry as presents. Is your store jewelry display updated for this special day?

Not all jewelry displays complement jewelry that is intended to be worn by men. You cannot use one that has a floral design for a piece that exudes machismo. That is why today, we created a list of the ideal display types to use for men's jewelry. Read on.

Metal displays

Nile Corp Wholesale #COP3637 Metal Triple T-Bar Jewelry Display and Organizer Stand

Metal is hard and sturdy and gives off masculine vibes. These displays, then, are best used for men's jewelry, especially the chunky ones. The can hold necklaces or bracelets on the heavy side, and you wouldn't worry about these displays about tipping over. Although metal displays are available in pink and blue, you can also get ones in black. Black perfectly complements any silver tone and gold tone men's jewelry.

Acrylic displays

Nile Corp Wholesale #AC-1675 Acrylic Necklace Display

Men are into minimalist things. Acrylic displays usually have minimalist and straightforward designs, making them ideal for men's jewelry. Although the usual acrylic is clear and transparent, you can also get ones in black and other dark colors. These displays are the best choice to showcase pieces with bold, masculine designs.

Gray linen and leatherette steel gray displays

Nile Corp Wholesale #BD-2114N-N21 Gray Burlap Linen Necklace Display Tall T-Bar and #CD-6709R-SG Steel Gray Faux Leather Necklace Easel Display

As for classy men's jewelry, the gray linen displays are a perfect choice. These exude class and corporate sophistication, and they can bring out the beauty of these pieces effortlessly. Leatherette steel gray displays also have this feature, but this type is better with classic men's jewelry with bolder designs.

Wooden displays

Nile Corp Wholesale #WDT322R-BR Wooden Finger Ring Holder Stand Jewelry Display for 2 Rings

Lastly, we have wooden displays. These are perfect for pieces that have a rugged style because of the rustic and earthy quality of these displays. That said, if you have men's jewelry that is handcrafted or is made with beads, crystals, and leather, the wooden types are the best ones to use.


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