How to Make Stud Earrings Stand Out

Here are some display tips on how you can make these delicate earrings more noticeable.

A pair of stud earrings in a red earring box

Stud earrings are one of the favorite types of earrings of women because of their simplicity, classic beauty, and comfort. Unlike tassel or hoop earrings, you wouldn't worry about them getting caught in your hair. However, because they may be smaller and less striking than the bigger ones, there is a chance that they may be overlooked by customers. That said, the proper display is needed for these pieces.

Today, we came up with a list of five jewelry display tips for our favorite stud earrings.

1. Use the right type of earring display.

Nile Corp Wholesale #ED-2401Q Tall T-Shaped Suede Earring Display Stand

Although tall earring stands are the perfect type of earring display for drop and tassel earrings, they are perfect for the small studs as well. This is because the tall height of these stands allows the earrings to hover other pieces, allowing them to stand out.

2. Avoid multiple earring displays.

Unless you are going to showcase stud earrings with the same design yet different colors, do not use displays for multiple pairs. This is because they can all get lost with each other. This is especially true if you want to highlight a new design. Use one for a single pair instead, preferably, an earring stand.

3. Place them on risers.

Nile Corp Wholesale #ST-3138R-SG Steel Gray Leatherette Risers Set

If you have no stands available at the moment, you can use risers. Place the stud earrings in a puff card or an earring box and put them atop a display riser. This way, they will be able to become noticeable, instead of them getting lost in the crowd with other types of jewelry pieces.

4. Provide a special area for stud earrings.

Another option is to place all stud earrings in one area. For example, you can use a glass display case or table exclusively for your stud earrings. That way, your customers specifically looking for studs, will just have to go to this area in your shop without getting distracted by other types of jewelry.

5. Use proper lighting.

White spotlight lamp

As we have always mentioned in our articles about display tips, proper lighting is utterly important. Even if you are using the best-looking display for your earrings, they still won't be noticeable if the light is terrible. Avoid creating shadows so designate a spotlight to the pieces. Check if the spotlight is placed at the right angle.


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