How to Display Minimalist Jewelry

Learn how to make these delicate pieces stand out more with some display tips.

How to Display Minimalist Jewelry |

Minimalist jewelry is one of the trending styles in the jewelry industry today. However, unlike statement pieces, these delicate ones don’t tend to get noticed much, as they are much smaller and thinner. That said, displaying minimalist jewelry may come off as a challenge to some. No need to worry though, as today, we are sharing tips on how to make these pieces look more appealing and eye-catching.

Use solid-colored jewelry displays.
The Metal Arrow and T-Bar Jewelry Display Organizer Stand is ideal for displaying minimalist necklaces |

Minimalist pieces are usually thin, so if you use a display with bold designs, they will melt into the pattern. Thin necklaces will stand out in a solid-colored necklace display, while minimalist rings look pretty eye-catching in black ring finger displays. Metal displays also tend to make these pieces stand out.

Display the smallest ones in a group.

The Metal Jewelry Organizer Stand with Mirror is perfect for display minimalist hook earrings |

As for minimalist earrings, they are best displayed as a group. Use solid-colored earring stands or one big stand that can hold multiple pairs. Another benefit of showcasing them in a group is that it lessens the chance of them getting lost, damaged, or stolen.

Display them separately with the statement pieces.

Display minimalist jewelry separately from statement jewelry |

Avoid placing your minimalist pieces with your statement items if you want them to stand out. Otherwise, the former will get overpowered by the latter. In the same way, do not use the same kind of displays for the two different types of jewelry. Go with the patterned displays for your boldly-designed jewelry, while go with the solid-colored ones for minimalist items.

Use proper lighting.

To make minimalist jewelry stand out use proper lighting |

Lastly, proper lighting is the key to highlighting these delicate pieces. You may use the right kind of jewelry display, but if they are not properly lit up, they still won’t get noticed by your customers, let alone, passers-by. Designate a spotlight for these pieces and make sure they are angled correctly. Use supplemental lighting if needed.


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