The Best Types of Displays for Tassel Earrings

Showcase the full beauty of these bold statement pairs with the best types of earring display.

Beautiful African girl wearing multi-colored tassel-earrings

One of the in-trend earrings today are the tassel earrings. It is not surprising, as these fashion accessories usually come in eye-catching and bright colors that are perfect for wearing with basically any casual and semi-dressy outfits. Because of this, they are categorized as bold statement jewelry.

So how can you effectively showcase these show-stopping earrings? Today, we will discuss the best types of earring display for tassel pairs.

Monochromatic Earring Stands

Nile Corp Wholesale #252-1 Single Bar Earring Display Stand

Monochromatic or single-colored earring displays are perfect for multi-colored tassel earrings. This is to avoid clashing with the pieces' design and colors, and therefore allowing them to be showcased in its full beauty. You can get one in a dark color for your light-colored pairs, and one in a light color for your dark-colored earrings.

Burlap Earring Stands

Nile Corp Wholesale #ED-2401N-LE Large Metal T-Shape Earring Stand Burlap Linen

Earrings that feature metallic charms as tassels, on the other hand, will shine brighter when showcased using burlap earring displays. This is because the metal perfectly contrasts the earthy vibe of burlap. You can also use organic hemp linen-covered ones.

Easel Displays

Nile Corp Wholesale #214 Earring and Pendant Display Stand

Easel earring displays are perfect for tassel earrings with flat charms or gems. The tassels also tend to lay flat on the easel at the ideal angle, allowing it to display its full beauty.

Metal Earring Display Trees

Nile Corp Wholesale #COP4534E Metal Earring Display Stand Set

Tassel earrings with minimalist designs look perfect with metal earring displays. This type usually comes in equally minimalist designs which complement any delicate pair of tassel earrings.

Satin-Covered Displays

Nile Corp Wholesale #ED-723-S50 Champagne Pink Earring Tree

Satin displays are ideal for tassel earrings with a vintage design. This is because the sleek satin exudes classic vibes that match retro pairs of earrings. Champagne or pink satin displays are also perfect for rose gold tassel earrings.

Black Velvet Earring Displays

Nile Corp Wholesale #240-1 Large Metal T-Shaped Earring Display Stand

Lastly, earring displays covered in black velvet are perfect for pearl tassel earrings or other light-colored crystal tassel earrings. This is because a black background allows the earrings to stand out even more, and velvet has a classy, glamorous vibe that matches these types of earrings.


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