Craft Show Display Tips

Learn how to stand out in craft and trade shows with these jewelry display tips.

Craft Show Display Tips |

Have you been recently invited to a craft or trade show? If this is your first time, then you might be figuring out how to stand out among other sellers who are probably offering the same type of jewelry. With a few display tips, you can catch the attention of every passer-by. This week, we will discuss a few useful tips on how to stand out among other jewelry sellers in a craft or trade show.

Use eye-catching displays

Pique the interest of passers-by with eye-catching jewelry displays by

Go for the nontraditional ones. Hang necklaces on a metal necklace display stand with an old world charm and bracelets on a lovely mini doll display. You can also go DIY with the other pieces; you can showcase rings in a bowl of rice or small crystals or place them on an old open book if you want to achieve a vintage flair. Don’t forget to add some decors to complement your jewelry displays as well.

Wear your items for sale

Wear your jewelry pieces for sale |

Wearing a piece or two of the jewelry you are selling will allow your customers to see how it looks when actually worn. Model your own items and let your staff do the same, especially your best-selling items. If passers-by see how it looks good on you, they will immediately think that it will look good on them as well.

Provide mirrors

Allow customers to see how the jewelry looks on them with mirrors |

You should also not forget to bring mirrors to the show so customers will get to see how the pieces look good on them. It’s almost impossible for people to buy your products if they do not see how it looks on them. There is no need to get a big, expensive one, even the small hand-held mirrors will do.

Create special jewelry sets for a discounted price

Give discounts when they buy three or more pieces |

Selling sets at a discounted price will most likely affect the customers’ buying decision, even if it's just a small discount. Offering a lower cost when they buy three pieces or more also has the same effect. Customers will more likely purchase multiple items because of this, as they will be saving a lot more if they buy more.


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