Must-Have Display Risers for Your Jewelry Shop

Invest in these new display risers for your jewelry shop this Spring.

Must-Have Display Risers for Your Jewelry Shop |

Risers have their share of benefits for a jewelry display. They create visual interest, can be used for every kind of jewelry piece and accessories, and save space. Because of these, we believe that risers are a must-have for every shop, as with the traditional jewelry displays. That is why for today, we will put the spotlight on to our three new sets of risers that would make your items look even more eye-catching.

Hexagon Risers Display

Showcase your collectibles with the Wooden 6 Pcs Hexagon Risers Display |

These wooden hexagon risers are perfect for window displays, craft and trade shows, and even for personal use. Aside from jewelry pieces, these can also be used for collectible toys like Funko Pop. The set includes six pieces of hexagon risers of varying heights which are also available in two other colors.

Square Risers Display

Display your spring jewelry using the Wooden 6 Pcs Square Risers Display |

If you are not a fan of hexagons, there are square risers available as well. Just like the first set, these are made of wood yet are pretty lightweight. These risers are ideal for bracelets and rings because they make a great contrast to the round shape of the jewelry. The set includes six risers of different heights, and it is also available in two other colors of wood.

Round Risers Display

The Wooden 6 Pcs Round Risers Display can showcase bottles of perfume |

Our last set is the round risers. Although they’re perfect for collectibles and jewelry pieces, they are also ideal for displaying perfume and other bottles with a square shape. This contrast of shapes makes the items stand out even more. The wooden risers are available in two other colors and come in a set of six.

Display risers can boost the appearance of your shop display. They provide a unique blend of design which will make your items for sale even more eye-catching. Also, these risers give you the freedom to organize them in any way you like.

Do you agree? What other items do you use risers for? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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