Why You Need Mannequin Jewelry Displays

Learn the reasons why these lovely displays are a must-have in any jewelry shop.

Why You Need Mannequin Jewelry Displays

Mannequin jewelry displays offer a fresh break from the traditional necklace busts and ring holders. And if you are a jewelry store that exclusively offers pieces for women, this type of display is an absolute must-have. They are feminine, fun, and aesthetically pleasing. Want to learn more about these beautiful jewelry holders? Read on.

Has an old world charmThe Linen Fabric Covered Mini Doll Jewelry Display has a lovely old world charm | NileCorp.com

A mannequin or doll display exudes old world charm that will remind you of romantic dates, teenage diaries, and pocketbooks. They are perfect for your hopeless romantic customers and those who are into arts and crafts vintage stuff. They will love the display, and of course, the pieces showcased on them as well.

Come in many designs and colorsThe Fabric Covered Mini Mannequin Display is in a lovely pastel green shade | NileCorp.com

Unlike the traditional ones, mannequin jewelry displays come in various styles and colors. You can get one in a neutral color or one in a feminine shade and design. You can also match the color of your jewelry pieces with the color of the display. Mannequin displays are definitely eye-catching as well.

Perfect for highlighting a particular piece

The Fabric Covered Mini Bust Necklace Display is perfect for highlighting a piece | NileCorp.com

And because this type can hold only a few pieces at a time, it is perfect for highlighting a certain piece or set. Most of these displays can hold just six necklaces or bracelets, but there are some that can hold just one. To effectively highlight your chosen jewelry, place the mannequin atop a pedestal and designate its own spotlight.

Ideal for vintage-inspired jewelryThe Fabric Covered Doll Jewelry Display is perfect for vintage jewelry | NileCorp.com

Because they have the old world charm, they are great for vintage-inspired jewelry. Both of their designs perfectly complement each other. Handcrafted artisan jewelry, especially ones that are not made of any metal, also looks gorgeous on these doll displays.

Makes it easy for customers to try the pieces on

The Fabric Covered Mini Mannequin Display is ideal for craft shows | NileCorp.com

Lastly, the mannequin display’s design makes it easier for customers to try your items for sale. It will also be more convenient for you, as you simply just need to hang a necklace, bracelet, or ring on the hook. This is especially the case if you are a craft or trade show regular.


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