Wooden Jewelry Display for Spring

Add some spring mood to your shop with these new lovely wooden displays.

Use a wooden jewelry display for spring.

Spring, as we know, is the season of renewal and rebirth. The western culture also associates this season with the element of wood. That is why one effective way to add a spring mood to your jewelry shop is by using wooden displays.

Today, we will feature some of our new jewelry displays that are worth using this season. Choose from this new wooden collection:

Wooden Finger Single Ring Holder Stand Jewelry Display

Looking for a wooden finger single ring holder jewelry display stand for the perfect spring collection display.

If you need to highlight a single ring or a set of rings, this ring holder with a sturdy base is the perfect piece to use. It’s aesthetically pleasing enough to take photos of your items for sale to post in your Instagram account. This display is space-saving and at the same time, eye-catching. This particular ring holder is available in various colors of wood, and if you need to showcase multiple rings, holders for two rings, four, and six rings are also available.

Wooden 2-Tier Bar Bracelet Bangle Jewelry Holder

Use a wooden 2 Tier Bar Bracelet Bangle Jewelry Holder.

Bracelets will look much more appealing in this wooden bracelet and bangle holder. It features two tiers of wood of different heights. It has that antique feel to it, so it’s also perfect for showcasing vintage pieces. This holder is available in three wooden colors -- natural wood, coffee, and brown. Because of how it’s made, it’s durable enough to withstand extended use and is ideal for those who are craft and trade show regulars.

Wooden Freestanding Necklace Display Stand

Use the wooden freestanding necklace display stand for your minimalist display.

If you need a minimalist display for your necklaces, this wooden stand is a perfect choice. Simple but truly elegant, this necklace bust is also lightweight and durable. It features 14 slots to hold up to seven necklaces. It comes with a sturdy base, so you don’t have to worry about it tipping over. This space-saving necklace display is also available in two other colors.

Wooden Necklace Holder Jewelry Display Bust Stand

These Wooden Necklace Holder Jewelry Display Bust Stands are perfect spring displays

If you need to showcase a set of necklaces or ones that have a similar design but different colors, then this necklace bust set display is the best one to use. It boasts three tiers and three removable wooden holders and a sturdy base to hold all three. Each board can hold up to two necklaces so you can showcase a total of six for this display set. As with the two previous ones, this lightweight and durable display is portable enough to be used in craft and trade shows.

Wall-mounted Wooden Hand Jewelry Display for Rings and Bracelet

Get many Wall mounted Wooden Hand Jewelry Displays for Rings and Bracelet for an eye-catching display.

Lastly, if you need something unique that will catch passers-by’s attention, then you got to try this. This hand-shaped ring and bracelet display can either be wall-mounted or placed on the table with a base. If you choose to use the base, you can opt to set it either in an upward or downward position. The “hand” can hold five rings and multiple bracelets. Get as many as you can so you can achieve a creative style of “hands” on the wall!


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