Benefits of Using Brightly-colored Jewelry Displays

These non-traditional displays do more than just showcase your products.

Looking for a non-traditional necklace display for your jewelry collection.

Your store’s display is very important, especially in a jewelry shop. It's the first thing people see and plays a big factor in your customers’ buying decision. So it is wise to invest in it, specifically on the jewelry displays that you will use.

One way to do this is to use eye-catching, brightly-colored ones. More so if they are not the traditional kind. That is why for this week, we will discuss the three benefits of using this kind of displays.

Fun displays will help your brand get a good first impression

Making a fun necklace display to exhibit a good first impression.

Showcasing your items in eye-catching non-traditional displays will allow you to make an excellent first impression to first-time customers. Unlike the typical formal ones, brightly-colored displays sort of like give off a more welcoming vibe.

These displays will set a happy mood

Creating a happy mood for your necklace display by using a colorful display.

Because they are in bright colors, they help set a happy mood in your store. Especially if you use ones in pink, orange, or yellow. They break the ice for every customer who is too embarrassed to ask your staff about your items. Shoppers will definitely feel more comfortable and will have an unforgettable pleasant shopping experience.

They will make jewelry stand out even more.

Using a beautiful jewelry stand for your necklace display.

Jewelry pieces, specifically in silver tone, tend to stand out more in jewelry displays in bright colors. As with the photo above, the silver necklace looks even more prominent against a hot pink necklace display bust. Pieces studded with multi-color crystals, as well as colorful handmade jewelry complement fun-colored displays as well.

Customers will remember you for it

Using a new necklace display for your customer to remember you.

And because you made a good impression, customers will remember you for having such a fun and welcoming display. This will give you quite an edge over other jewelry shops. Even if you are selling similar products with other jewelry shops, there is a big chance that people will prefer shopping in your store because you present your items in a unique and fun way.


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