How to Store Jewelry for Travel

Here are the dos and don’ts of traveling with jewelry.

How to Store Jewelry for Travel

Are you a fashionista and an avid traveler? If yes, you have probably done a lot of ways to store your fashion jewelry pieces without damaging them. However, are you sure that you are packing them correctly? This week, we will be discussing a few dos and don’ts of storing jewelry when traveling.

Let’s start off with the dos:

Do store them in a jewelry organizer.

The Burlap Linen Metal Clip Jewelry Display Case with Glass Top Lid is perfect for traveling with jewelry

One effective way to make sure your jewelry pieces won’t be damaged is to store them in a jewelry organizer. Many jewelry displays double as travel organizers as well, such as those with glass top lids. These jewelry cases usually come with dividers so you won’t have to worry about the pieces getting all tangled inside.

Do go DIY if you are only bringing a few pieces.

Drinking straws can organize your necklaces or bracelets when traveling

If you are just going to bring a few pieces, you can resort to DIY organizers. For necklaces and bracelets, you can use drinking straws to keep them from getting tangled. All you have to do is strand the chain through the straw and attach at the other end. Safety pins are perfect for rings, while buttons or wine corks are perfect for earrings.

Do keep a list of the pieces you are bringing.

List down all the jewelry pieces you are bringing

And to make sure nothing gets lost, create a list of all the pieces you are bringing with you. So when you are packing, you can check if you’ve put all the pieces in your bag. Keep two copies of the list, one with you and one at home. Do keep the copy separately from your jewelry; keep it in your purse or wallet.

As for the don’ts:

Don’t bring your most expensive pieces.

Avoid bringing along pricey jewelry when traveling

When traveling, it’s always best to bring fashion jewelry instead of pricey ones. Even if you think you are careful with your things, bringing them is highly inadvisable. It is better to be safe than devastated when you lose them. This is also the case with pieces that have really high sentimental value like heirlooms or other accessories like watches. Better just keep them safe at home.

Don’t put different types of jewelry in one storage.

The Wooden Jewelry Organizer Box can keep your jewelry scratch-free

To prevent the pieces from getting scratches, make sure to separate and not put them all in one storage. As mentioned above, you can go with cases or organizers that have dividers. You can also use toilet paper to wrap each piece individually or use small plastic zip bags.

Don’t put your jewelry in your check-in luggage.

Place your jewelry in carry-on bags and not in check-in luggage

It’s always best to just keep your jewelry in your carry-on bags instead of packing them with your check-in luggage. There is a risk of losing them if you do the latter, especially if you are to go to a foreign country. The rule is always to keep your jewelry as close to you as possible.


Which of these dos or don’ts have you done? We’d love to hear from you! Share your stories in the comments below.


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